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Dr Rahul Gupta - Ayurveda Doctor and Medical Cannabis Expert

  • Dr. Rahul Gupta is one of the best leading classical ayurveda doctors and Medical cannabis experts in South Delhi and has been practicing as an Ayurveda doctor for 23 years. He treats the patients holistically, i.e., both physiologically and mentally.
  • Dr. Rahul Guptas has completed BAMS from SBMN Ayurvedic College Rohtak, Haryana, 2000 and a Master’s in Psychotherapy.
  • He specializes in cancer and other lifestyle diseases and disorders like psychological disorders, skin disorders etc.
  • Dr.Rahul Gupta has been in the field since 2001 and has provided patients with authentic Ayurvedic Consultation and Treatment.
  • He was awarded the distinguished Ayurveda Physician Award by Zandu Emami Ltd. in 2021. Unjha Ayurveda awarded him for his contribution to the field of Ayurveda.
  • He strongly believes that a holistic and integrative approach increases the overall efficacy of treatment with minimal side effects.



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