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Eat Anytime Hazelnut Protein Ball - Pack of 2

Eat Anytime Hazelnut Protein Ball - Pack of 2

Quantity: 200 gm
  • Rich in Protein
  • Enriched with Vitamins
MRP: 480


Who says healthy eating has to be dull? We know the struggle of sticking to a protein-rich diet, especially for vegetarians who often have limited options. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest snack innovation: Protein Balls. These gluten-free, vegetarian delights are not just a protein fix; they're a treat for your taste buds, coated in luscious dark chocolate and available in three irresistible flavors - Coconut Orange, Hazelnut, and Peanut Butter. Designed to meet your protein needs without compromising on flavor, these protein balls are the perfect companion for your workout sessions, sports activities, and any moment you need a nutritious boost.

Why Our Protein Balls Stand Out:

  • Rich in Protein: With over 3 grams of protein per 10-gram ball, these snacks provide a substantial protein punch, supporting muscle repair and growth.
  • No Added Sugar: Enjoy the natural sweetness without the worry of extra calories or the adverse effects of added sugar on your health.
  • Calorie Smart: Each ball packs 49.19 Kcal of energy, offering a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet cravings and hunger pangs.
  • Travel-Friendly: Pocket-sized and portable, these protein balls are easy to carry, making them a convenient snack for travel or a busy day at the office.

Flavors to Savor:

  • Coconut Orange: A zesty and tropical delight that combines the freshness of orange with the exotic taste of coconut.
  • Hazelnut: Rich and nutty, this flavor is a dream come true for those who love the indulgent taste of hazelnuts.
  • Peanut Butter: A classic favorite, offering the creamy, savory goodness of peanut butter in every bite.

Our Protein Balls are more than just a snack; they're a solution to the common dilemma of finding delicious, protein-rich foods suitable for vegetarians. Perfect for snacking on the go, these balls are your answer to keeping hunger at bay while indulging in a sweet, nutritious treat. Say goodbye to boring health foods and hello to a world where taste and nutrition go hand in hand. Grab your favorite flavor and let these protein balls transform the way you snack!

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