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Pawan (Pancreatic Cancer Caregiver): Dad's Motivation

Pawan (Pancreatic Cancer Caregiver): Dad's Motivation

Everything was fine until 9th April, when my father had to undergo abdominal sonography. He had been showing signs of pancreatic cancer, and the following day at the Hinduja Hospital, I got the shock of my life. He had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer(Stage Three), and a tumor consumed a considerable part of his liver and pancreas.

The news shocked everyone in the family. My father had been the pillar of the family for our entire lives. He was always there for us; now, his life was at serious risk. But he was determined that any circumstance would not bog him down. He firmly believed that he would fight and survive cancer.

I began reading extensively on various types of cancer, its causes, and the plight of victims. Just when I was sure he might not survive the disease, his assuring words gave me hope. We started chemotherapy along with ayurvedic treatment as we wanted to investigate every possibility. We were prepared to give everything necessary to help him survive. Yet, things didn't work in his favor, and he lost in the long race against cancer.

What I learned from my father's demise:

I am a dietitian and know a few people who have endured disease and are doing great. I know a person who once suffered from a brain tumor but came out of it thanks to a Ketogenic diet, Ayurveda, and regular treatment.

We should be aware of many early signs of Pancreatic Cancer. Alongside treatment, diet, and integrated care provided by groups like play a significant role in cancer recovery. The disease is curable if detected early with the implementation of corrective measures.

Parting Words:

Early detection is essential since pancreatic tumors, one of the most hazardous types of cancers spread silently and can remain undetected for years. Sometimes, carelessness ends up being our greatest adversary. A typical misinterpretation of a malignant pancreatic growth might cost a life.

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