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Pankaj Tiwari (Bone Cancer Survivor)

Pankaj Tiwari (Bone Cancer Survivor)

I am a bone cancer survivor. I was just 15-years-old when diagnosed with a bone tumor. This news came to me as a huge shock; I was unable to understand what to do and how to deal with the situation, so I just went with the flow. My treatment started in Mumbai Tata Memorial Hospital. The course of treatment was chemotherapy and surgery, followed with month-long bed rest. Due to the prolonged treatment and its severe side effects, I had to give a break to my studies. After recovery, I started my education, completed my computer engineering course, and grabbed an excellent job as I believe that education is an integral part of our life.

It all began with leg pain

I experienced leg pain in 2011; when it became unbearable, I consulted a doctor. In the biopsy and MRI test, I was diagnosed with bone cancer. I panicked. As a child, it was tough for me to bear the physical and mental pain associated with it.

The trauma of treatment

My treatment started at Tata Memorial Hospital. The course of treatment was spelt out clearly chemotherapy and surgery an invasive surgery, followed with month-long bed rest. The side effects of chemotherapy were unbearable. I was not able to eat anything due to vomiting and nausea. It was a challenging time for me. After chemotherapy, I had a dry mouth and uneasiness. The doctor advised me to drink plenty of water. It helped me in overcoming the side effects.

The life changing moment

I was highly frustrated and disappointed because of cancer and its treatment, but when I went to the hospital, I realized that I was not the only person in this world who was suffering. Some people had a bigger problem than me. It positively changed my life. I believe, "When faced with adversity, every human has a choice. You can choose to live in fear and let negativity grip your state of mind or choose joy. When I chose joy, I gave myself the ability to see life as a miracle."

An abundance of support from friends and family

I found an abundance of support from friends and family. Support also came in the form of amazing strangers I met in the hospital during the treatment. We all became friends in the hospital and started supporting each other. Support plays a crucial role in the journey of cancer. It gives positivity and energy to fight the situation.

Giving back to society

I am associated with various support groups to help cancer patients. I work with them to bring happiness to many cancer patients' lives. During corona time also, in association with some organizations, I helped many people. I got an abundance of support from known and unknown people when I was in need. I also want to help other people struggling with the same situation and return a little to society.

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