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Niati (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma): Concentrate on Your Recovery

Niati (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma): Concentrate on Your Recovery

Cancer is stereotyped in the wrong way. The patient does not accept it gladly, and the society rides the same boat too. The reactions and ideas they perceive are justified as the disease is infamous for its sordid results. But on the brighter side, one who triumphs the disease learns invaluable lessons. You must be thinking that why on Earth am I glorifying such a dangerous condition? But, the truth is that I have fought through it, and I know exactly how the patient's brain works while going through all the medical hustle and bustle. I am not a fan of hospitals myself. The gloomy look they portray makes me sick. Whenever I visit a hospital, I tend to puke. But call it fate, destiny or karma; I learnt the biggest lessons of my life on a hospital bed. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and I braved it. My name is Niati and here is my story.

My life revolves around the two metropolitans which every Indian knows. I was born and brought up in the national capital New Delhi and am currently settled in Mumbai. These two cities have a very pivotal role in my story ahead. The year was 2009 when I found out that I was diagnosed with stage one of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It is never a pleasant experience to know that you have been diagnosed with cancer.

I did not want to go through the Chemotherapy as I was afraid that it would harm me. The next six months seemed to stretch forever as I was frantically searching for every other modality which could cure my sickness. I sort out help from Homoeopathy experts, Ayurveda experts and also Reiki which is also known as energy healing. I also contacted Men-Tsee-Khang in Dharamshala, hoping that they would provide me with solutions. But everyone suggested that I should go for Chemotherapy. It was the month of October when I found out that I had reached the fourth stage of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I made up my mind and decided to opt for Chemotherapy sessions.

As I had predicted, the first two sessions of Chemotherapy were quite painful for me. I had to bear a lot of Pain. In the back of my mind, I still had a thought that I needed to escape treatment. So, I diverted my attention to Google. As they say, it has billions of solutions, and I found mine. I discovered a healer in Mumbai. I contacted her and offered her to fly down to Delhi so that she could help me. But to my dismay, she did not agree to that. However, she suggested for sessions over the phone. After two days of the session, I got a call from my office, and I was informed that I had received a house. My parents said that I should take the keys. I went to Mumbai on a Friday, and when I returned for my medication, I was shocked to find my count to be 30 instead of the ideal 5. The doctor said that I did not need any injections, and that was the moment when I came in rendezvous with the power of the mind.

Once I changed my mindset towards cancer, I could feel things change around me. The arrogant doctor who used to treat me like any other patient got transferred. I was blessed with a sweet and caring doctor who resorted to alternative options for my problems. Once I accepted that Chemotherapy was a part of the healing process, I enjoyed every session. I did not lose much hair and came out of the course weighing three kilograms more. As I mentioned earlier, I felt sick whenever I visited hospitals. The new doctor helped me get rid of that too. She guided me throughout the process, both physically and emotionally. I had made up my mind that the process of healing won't be easy, and I had to face it.

A major problem which I noticed about our system of treatment was that there is no amalgamation of different modalities of healing. The allopathic doctors eye the homoeopaths with a vendetta and discourage patients from opting for Homoeopathy. The bottom line is that allopath does not have the solutions to all the side-effects of Chemotherapy. I had severe constipation, and no laxative could cure that. However, I was cured by a remedy which is famous in Indian households. My family members suggested Gulkand with raw milk. I opted for that, and the very next day, my stomach was empty. After my fight with cancer, I hope that the medical facilities allow the convergence of different branches of medicine towards healing the patient. Moving through the phase of the disease was difficult, and my family gave me strength. They stood with me throughout the tumultuous times and helped me recover fast.

But the most significant credit goes to my brain. Once I changed my perspective and mindset, things started to look pretty easy. For those who are fighting the disease, I would suggest them not to panic as cancer is nothing but a stage where your body cells start to multiply irrationally. Do not overthink and concentrate on your recovery. Mental transportation is vital! As the greats have said, The Brain always wins!

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