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Neha Bhatnagar (Caregiver to Her Father)

Neha Bhatnagar (Caregiver to Her Father)

When we came to know about my father's cancer for the first time, we were devasted. But he is a fighter. He stood like an iron. The whole journey became easy for us because he took it very positively. We became strong because he was strong. When he was diagnosed with the cancer for the second time, we were disappointed but knew that it was a chronic disease that could be treated. It was a big bridge to cross from seeing cancer as a death sentence to seeing it as a chronic disease. 

Diagnosis through a heart attack 

My father (Anil Bhatnagar) was on a ship in 2016 when he got a massive heart attack, and his cancer was diagnosed during heart attack treatment. He had colon cancer. It was a news we never expected as he was a fit person. Being in the merchant navy, he was a healthy person and took proper care of his health. I was pregnant at that time, so it was challenging for me to manage both things. On one side, I had to keep myself calm and relaxed for my baby, and on the side, I had no control over my mind and thought. 


After having colon surgery, he was given the standard 12 cycles of chemotherapy treatment. He was alright. Everything was going well. As per our research, after the proper treatment, there is no chance of getting cancer or only 20 per cent. In our wildest dream, we had never thought that cancer would return for my father. He was living a healthy life. Then in December 2021, we got the devastating news that cancer is returned, and this time it is in liver. We were devastated by this news. As we never expected it. Life came to a standstill once again; we were unsure where to start.

The treatment started once again. He is now on maintenance therapy and responding very well to the treatment. We all know that there is a variety of treatments and the most important thing is that it should suit you. We are delighted that the treatment is going well with my father. Doctors keep on experimenting with the medicine until it does not suit you.

Treatment and side-effect

Cancer is painful, and so is its treatment. But there is medicine for everything. If cancer gives you a hundred types of pain, three hundred types of medicines are available here. The side effects of chemotherapy are severe, but some medicine is there for every problem. My father has a fighter attitude. Being in the army, he is a fit and robust person, both mentally and physically.

Follow-up test delayed due to Corona

My father was diagnosed with cancer once again in December 2021, as it was corona time, so we did not continue with all the follow-up tests. We were disappointed the second time. But my father is a very positive person. He used to give courage to all of us. Because of him, we could tackle this situation. 

Positivity works like a miracle.

Positivity works like a miracle in this disease. My father is a very positive person. When he was going for the surgery doctor had said that there were only 35 per cent chances of survival. But my father had a 90 per cent fighting attitude, that worked. When my father got diagnosed for the second time, we were disappointed, but hope eventually came. The hope, courage and positivity work as a miracle. We should never lose hope in any condition. When the treatment started for the second time, the doctor had given my dad just 40-day time. But 17-months have passed, and he is doing very well. Now 71 and retired from his career, he is learning how to live with his cancer and is receiving his treatment regularly.

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