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We Serve God By Serving Others - Mehul Doshi

We Serve God By Serving Others - Mehul Doshi

The Archangel

This story is of Mehul Doshi. An Angel in human form, Mehul is a resident of Mumbai. For the last eight years, he has been going to Tata Medical Hospital and interacting with Cancer patients. He spends time with them and listens to what they have to say. In a disease like Cancer where any breath could be the patient's last, it is essential to lend a consoling ear, and that is what Mehul does very gracefully. He showers the patients with love and compassion, taking care of those lost souls in any way he can.

The Support System

Given that cancer treatment is quite costly if someone is having monetary problems, Mehul helps them with rent, transport charges, and various other amenities. Wherever required he sends grains, groceries, and other food items so that those not able to buy them on their own can take care of their nutrition while undergoing the treatment for Cancer. This godsend has also donated platelets to the Tata Medical Hospital.

Demi-God, Close to God

The patients consider Mehul equivalent to God and as he spends time with each patient taking care of their problems he remembers everyone and everyone knows who he is. He spends around 6 hours in the hospital every day, taking care of each patient and treating them like their kin. You might think that surely this is the best anyone can do for people who they don't even know.

The Sacred Thread

Well, there is. When this angel of love came to know that the patients who were healed and healthy didn't have any way to earn their livelihood back home, he gifted sewing machines to them so that they could take care of their family and health even after leaving the hospital. That is the kind of long-lasting mark he leaves on the patients' lives. Focusing not only on the patients but the caretakers too, Mehul has opened a clinic of his own near Tata Hospital so that the caretakers who get sick can get treated at a cheap rate. Such is his golden heart and his conviction to help his fellow mates.

There are very few humans like Mehul on this planet, who think less about themselves and do so much for other people without expecting anything in return. Love Heals Cancer stands inspired and motivated by such individuals who have been doing so much for Cancer patients for such a long time. We salute Mehul Doshi and wish we could someday do something as noble as he is doing. We also urge our volunteers and readers to spread his story everywhere and indulge in helping cancer patients just like him. One token of love and compassion of yours can prove to be a turning point in someone's battle against Cancer.

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