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Matthew Ode (Testicular Cancer Survivor) Just Be Focused & Patient, and the Future Will Bring You Happiness

Matthew Ode (Testicular Cancer Survivor) Just Be Focused & Patient, and the Future Will Bring You Happiness


I was diagnosed at the age of 24. I was a healthy person, eating the right food, and used to exercise. My back pain started & gradually became worse with time. Doctors did blood tests on me & reports showed that I had lost two-third of the blood circulating in my body. I went to emergency surgery. The next morning, doctors told me they found an 11 cm tumor in my small intestine; almost confident that it was cancer. I was admitted to the topmost hospital in the U.S. There they found that I had stage testicular cancer. My cancer has spread throughout my body. When I was first diagnosed the first thing I did was to keep myself emotionally strong which put pressure on my shoulder. So, it's always better to talk to someone whom you trust. So, I let all my emotions out & cried, which removed a lot of pain from my shoulder.

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There is a drug named BEP which is used in testicular cancer. Normally, 4 rounds are used because the cancer was advanced for me, they said 5 rounds are necessary. I was in a mental & physical battle for three months. Within a week, I lost my hair. I lost my three pets because of cancer. I was scared of chemotherapy. But with the support of my loved one, I finished my 5 chemotherapy sessions. 

After chemo, the doctor said that there is good news & bad news. The good news was the size of the tumor started to decrease which meant the chemo was working & the bad news was the tumor was wrapped around causing inferior leukemia. I get the surgery done in two weeks. After the surgery, my body was swelling up, so I had to stay in the hospital for almost two weeks. A week later when I was ready to go home, my stitches burst out and I was given an open surgery for Testicular cancer. I was back in the ICU. For two days I was not able to walk. But then I started walking & it went off. The doctor saw progress & recovery. After 53 days in the hospital including 40 days in ICU, I was finally out.

It's okay to step back & thank the person who was with you through your difficult time. Cancer gave me a second life. There was a time when my mom would sit with me in the ICU for the whole day. My girlfriend used to hold my hand & pray for me. After that, it was a new journey for me.


My girlfriend stood by me for the whole 53 days. She used to be in the hospital with me. Just after the two months of recovery, she planned to go to the concert but I was not healthy enough. So after two years, when her favorite song came to my city on the 17th of March(our anniversary), I surprised her by taking her to the concert. That is one of the memorable days.


I started to focus on today so that I can be happy and live a healthy life post-cancer. I started eating healthy, started meditation, and walking. It helped me with my progress and I am continuing the same.


Just be patient & focus, you will be amazed in the future. If you want good results become selfish & focus on yourself, and take care of your body. Take one step at a time. Knowledge is the biggest thing one can have because nobody can take away knowledge from you; you can lose everything but not knowledge. It helps you build confidence. Confidence that leads you towards wellness. 


To recover you have to focus on things. For me, it's my health, my friends, business & fame. I put my energy into all these 4 things & that helped me a lot. I put them in order & focused on them. That was when I found happiness. That's what helped me in my recovery. 


Help One Person each day by any means. 

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