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Kylie Mae Randall (Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer Survivor)

Kylie Mae Randall (Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer Survivor)


I had some lumps in my throat; I felt something was wrong with me. I went to the hospital and doctors sent me back with Paracetamol saying I was completely fine. My pain persisted so I visited the hospital again and they sent me back this time too.

Finally I visited a private clinic and found out that I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma after a biopsy. When it was revealed to me, I turned blank. I felt my life was over, I would never be able to do anything again.


I had Chemo, also called red devil. Afterwards I took radiation. 

When you have Chemo, you cant eat, you keep puking. I lost my hair and that was the toughest part for me. I was very depressed; I was in great pain, I didnt want to live.

The public healthcare was not good. As they told me I had no cancer. If I had money, I would have sued them. While the private healthcare was very very good. They took care of me as if I was their sister.

I dont think I could manage the side effects of the treatment. It was just different types of distractions and my family who helped me survive through all of it. Else throughout the treatment I just couldnt manage the side effects at all.

Emotional wellbeing

Whenever I had time and energy, I would go out for a walk with my boyfriend. Sometimes I didnt have energy even to go to the bathroom. But whenever I could, I tried to walk and that turned out to be very helpful for me.

I listened to some music. I always made myself believe that I would be fine one day. My Mom and boyfriend often talked about how we would do this or that after all this is over. That also kept giving me hope for the future.

My Present

I go sailing a lot. Thats my new hobby. I have just joined a dance class and I am enjoying this class. I am eating healthier. Before I had cancer I was not grateful for life, but now I am.

A Message!

Try to look forward to the future, it will not last forever. Once all this is over, your life will be changed.

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