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Kunal Sankhlecha (Synovial Sarcoma): It Was A Rollercoaster Ride

Kunal Sankhlecha (Synovial Sarcoma): It Was A Rollercoaster Ride

My mother underwent a surgery on 20th June, post which we were doing the hospital rounds for around three to four months. Though she was recommended six Chemotherapy cycles, we went ahead with two. She went through countless emotions, changes in her body, and behaviour during the surgery's recovery month. It was after that she went for Chemotherapy but didn't feel any improvement. On the contrary, she was feeling uneasy and unmotivated. It was then, that I took the reigns in my hands and explained to my mother to switch to alternative methods of treatment. I recommended her to focus on lifestyle changes rather than sticking to the conventional chemical route.

My mother is a housewife. We are a regular Indian family with frequent Indian problems such as coaxing the child to get married, the pressure of the household chores on the lady, and likewise. However, all of it amounted to too much for my mother, who got stressed. Emotional Stress is prevalent in India, but we often fail to discuss it with our loved ones. Moreover, we had recently changed homes, and that also added to the mental Stress. Your mind and body's state play a vital role in the development of cancer cells in the body.

We started thinking of other alternatives to keep my mother away from Chemotherapy cycles. I told my mother to switch over to a natural lifestyle and diet to improve her health. Choosing a treatment path is one of the most confusing and difficult choices that I had to make. I consulted some people in diverse fields and connected with them. The best way to learn about alternative treatment is by reaching out to people who have undergone the same situation and experience. It was then that I was determined on healing programs.

People often ask me what made me change my mind because steering clear of Chemotherapy seems like a risky choice. The fact is that I am a very natural person who believes that nature is a fantastic healer. I read a lot about alternative healers and reached a firm conclusion. There was a point when I was the only one supporting alternative treatment because I could see my mother's condition deteriorating and I couldn't bear her suffering. My sister and I explored multiple options to find what's ideal. Though everyone around us kept urging us towards chemotherapy, we didn't let fear stop us.

Cancer treatment is a very personal affair. Everyone has a unique body and different types of cancer. So, when everyone is different, then how can one treatment fit all? Every cancer fighter must choose what's best for them. If someone is comfortable with Chemotherapy and they see the positive results, then they must wave the green flag for it.

Presently, I'm 24 years old, and I have been a Vegan for around one year now. I understand the direct link between your lifestyle and your health. The food you consume is a propeller that decides the direction your body moves in. Convincing others was the biggest challenge because they had not undergone and experienced the body changes that I had. They were virtually unaware of the benefits of what I was suggesting at that point and time. Now, my mother's hair is coming back, and she is having a good time with her family and friends. Yoga has also helped her to maintain a calm and fit body.

My most significant advantage was my access to people with a similar story. I was able to make them understand my beliefs and consequently got an insight into what they had to offer. Not many sufferers have the blessing of such a support system. I have been a person who is always faithful to myself. I follow what I believe in and do not get influenced by others. But, we are also lucky and thankful that our decision has worked out in our favour. With so many striking opinions from everyone around you, such as hospitals, and insurance companies, and likewise, you get to see the ground reality of business and living.

Every 90s kid remembers Captain Planet's words that the power is always inside you. My message to every fighter out there is to believe in yourself and not give up hope. You are only as strong as you consider yourself to be. On the other hand, caregivers must also keep aside a recharge time for themselves. I used to spend time in the hospital the whole week and then take a break on Sunday. Or, I would walk for 10 minutes in the nearby park each day to relax my mind and connect with nature and myself. It's been a rollercoaster ride, but now it is all peaceful.

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