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Jyoti Udeshi (Survivor Ovarian Cancer) It Is Ok to Cry at Times

Jyoti Udeshi (Survivor Ovarian Cancer) It Is Ok to Cry at Times

Pre Diagnosis

Back in 2017, during a voyage to the North Pole in Norway, I suddenly experienced a severe headache. It was so intense that I had to be evacuated from there with the help of a helicopter. Later, the doctor conducted a few tests and informed me that it was due to a brain hemorrhage. I survived in the ICU. Upon returning home, I underwent a few more tests. The doctor revealed that I had experienced minor paralysis. 


Post my return I started getting pain in my legs. When I visited the doctor he said its because I stopped going to the gym and I have a vitamin deficiency.

I again went for the same issue. I was also not able to eat anything due to stomach bloating. My family doctor asked me to undergo a liver test. I was also told to go for PET scan and laparoscopy. I came to know about ovarian cancer and I was in denial.  They waited for my Biopsy and then my surgery was undertaken. They removed 4 liters of fluid from my abdomen. It has been spread through the gallbladder. I then underwent 3 chemos and another major surgery which lasted for seven hours. I was in the ICU for 2-3 days.

Side Effects

I used to get so much pain in my abdomen that at times I used to scream at night. I also started having hair loss and I got myself bald. During chemotherapy, I went through a stage of self pity. I used to have a lot of fatigue and also lost stamina during the treatment. Loss of taste was another side effect that I had during the treatment due to which at times I did not feel like eating anything. 

What kept me going

The thing that kept me going was my love for travel and my friends. I wanted to travel more. I used to tell myself one more day- one more day and you can meet your friends. My friends were always there for me.

What is needed during this situation?

During the entire treatment, I pushed myself to the extent that I had to take care of myself. I had to cook and do all the things by myself. I believe the most important thing needed during the treatment is emotional support. When you are emotionally supported, you feel a sense of belief, and things become lighter. People should also have a lot of protein intake.

Message for For patient

I would like to say that we all are very strong.  We should depend on ourselves and it's okay to cry at times. But make sure you tell yourself that you can overcome the situation. Also, you must keep on checking the symptoms and I'll suggest you all to go for regular checkups even if you feel everything is going fine.

And remember, each cancer patient is an inspiration to others, and you are a survivor and warrior. Believe in why you want to live. I lost my job, but you should be mentally strong to face anything. Also, please keep checking the symptoms. It's better to go for regular checkups. It will be tough, but you will be fine.

Message for caregiver

One important message to all caregivers is that they should understand what the patient is going through. Also, more than anything, you must support the patient emotionally and provide them with mental and emotional support.

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