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Is Mediterranean Diet Helpful In Cancer?

Cancer is a challenging phase but not everlasting. Simple steps and changes in your daily life can help you to fight the disease with more strength and renewed energy. One such task is to make changes in your diet. It is said that your body is 70% of what you eat. Thus, when your body is not able to get enough nutrition during chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it is a great idea to switch over to a Mediterranean diet. Continue reading ahead to know what is a mediterranean diet, what to include in this diet, and how does a mediterranean diet help during cancer treatment.

What is the mediterranean diet?

The mediterranean diet is a dynamic diet that includes a lot of things. While its first explanation popped in Greece, it includes several fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains. Thus, it is a nutrient-rich diet that ensures to incorporate a little bit of everything. Moreover, it guarantees to cut down on all types of red meat, such as beef, pork, and lamb. While it is a common misconception that a proper diet should not have any fats, little fat is vital for the body.

Mediterranean diet recommends consuming olive oil. It is the core mediterranean diet that has existed for generations. With ample focus on wholesome fruits and vegetables instead of red meat, this diet is closely linked to lower risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and many other illnesses.

What makes the mediterranean diet so desirable?

 Mediterranean Diet is one of the popular diets across the world. This is true for not only those who have cancer but also those who are perfectly fit and healthy. The mediterranean diet is a perfect combination of all the nutrients and allows the follower to eat everything. While it does not have space for red meat, it encourages you to eat twice the fruits and vegetables that any American diet allows.

There is a magnified focus on eating fruits and vegetables in the mediterranean diet. The main reason behind this is the location of its origin. Abundant fruits and vegetables lead to a healthy and enriched body. Since cancer treatments can be quite tiresome for the body, such a diet is replenishing.

Do researchers have any proof that the mediterranean diet is helpful for cancer patients?

Research was conducted on adults who were survivors of childhood Leukemia to find the precise benefit of a mediterranean diet for cancer patients. A group of obese adults was formed, and their eating habits were observed. It was noted that these were individuals who did not have many fruits and vegetables, and instead, they relied on red meat. On the other hand, survivors who had more fruits and vegetables (like a Mediterranean diet), displayed better blood sugar levels, healthy cholesterol, and overall fitness. Please note that none of the survivors followed a strictly mediterranean diet, but those who worked on similar lines showed better health results.

You must be wondering why it is regarded as the mediterranean diet then? The truth is that most of the mediterranean regions have excellent and superior quality fruits. This is why it is named as the main ingredient in the diet. It is also a consistent reminder to the diet followers that the focus must be on fruits and vegetables.

Some recommendations to cancer patients who wish to bring changes in their diet

The best way to fight cancer is with strength and positivity. All you need to do is grasp tightly on to hope and live life to the fullest. Some of the best-rated diet changes that cancer patients can make are:

  • Say no to red meat:

Red meat is a big no. The mediterranean diet leaves little scope for it. Instead of red meat, you must have items such as nuts, pulses, and soybean. They are rich in vitamins and proteins. If you find non-vegetarian tastier than vegetarian dishes, you can prepare the vegetarian meals with a twist to taste better while being healthier.

  • Fall in love with fruits:

Fruits must be your first love. You may not be aware, but fruits are abundant in vitamins and other vital nutrients. Each fruit has a different property and benefit. Thus, you must have whole fruits and fruit juices. Make a list of varying fruit salad and smoothie recipes online and try a new one each day. You can also consult your peers and motivate them to follow a healthier diet.

  • Do not consume alcohol:

Abstain entirely from alcohol. Alcohol and tobacco are the leading causes for several types of cancer. Alcohol break-down may have adverse effects on the blood cells in your body. Though the mediterranean diet is enjoyed with wine once in a while, opt for fresh fruit juice instead.

  • Incorporate other proteins and nutrients:

Last but not least, if you find other dishes that are high in protein and nutrients and are also healthy, do not shy away from including them in your daily diet.

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