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Shruthi Sethi (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma): Treat Your Body as a Temple

Shruthi Sethi (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma): Treat Your Body as a Temple

In 2016, there was a lump in my neck, and I thought it would be inflammation or a badminton shot since I was into sports, but the swelling did not go away. I was in touch with my doctor friend, who asked me to get an X-Ray done. I got my X-Ray done, and the person who did my X-Ray said that it might be Tuberculosis.

Hodgkin's Lymphoma Diagnosis

I consulted a doctor who advised me some more tests, and we found that my WBC counts were very high. The doctor asked me to go for FNAC, and the reports helped us identify that it was Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

At that time, I didn't even know what Hodgkin's Lymphoma meant, so we googled it and found it to be a form of cancer. I didn't believe it and visited 50-60 websites to confirm it was cancer.

I didn't know what to do. I was taking Acupuncture therapy because I was feeling low. The diagnosis hit me hard, and I started crying. I didn't know what was happening around me. My acupuncturist thought it was because of the needles that I had wet eyes.

I called my parents and informed them that it was cancer. I went through a series of tests, including Biopsy and PET scan, which further confirmed that it was stage 2 high-grade metastatic Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which was growing very fast.

I was in denial. I was already going through a tough phase of life and shifted from my ex-husband to a new place. Suddenly, I was in my new home, trying to settle my life being a fashion designer. I asked why it had happened to me when I was trying to re-build my life. My parents were not there with me, and I didn't even have many friends to share everything. My brother came to me a few days later to support me on my cancer journey.

Hodgkin's Lymphoma Treatment

I didn't have the strength to go through the treatment. I told my parents and brother that I would prefer to go through alternative treatment since it was too painful to go through conventional treatment procedures.

Somehow, my parents understood, and I started trying different methods to get better, like ozone therapy, Detoxification and good nutrition. I was getting better, but then I suddenly started coughing with blood in it. I couldn't digest food. At that time, I didn't understand the importance of accepting the challenges in our lives and letting go of anger and emotions.

As my condition was getting worse, I decided to undergo Chemotherapy. I decided to accept everything and take it one day at a time. I took the stand of healing myself from within. I used to talk to myself for hours and let go of all the things I was holding back from childhood. I used to write down every emotion that I was going through.

Later, my Chemotherapy started, and my first Chemotherapy was very painful. It was intravenously given to me because I couldn't take the chemo port. My veins got black, and I used to feel nauseated.

I changed my lifestyle entirely and gave up sugar and dairy products. I was more into juices and vegetables. After four chemotherapies, my cancer was 99% gone. I think it was because of the power of the mind. I did a lot of meditation, pranayama, took many supplements like wheatgrass, and was positive every day when I couldn't even get up. I was smiling throughout my treatment because I thought it happened to my body but not to me. I started making connections with my own self.

I sailed through Chemotherapy very well because I was very disciplined in taking care of myself. Later, I started feeling better and started working. I did a wedding where I designed a gown for a bride, and it was something that I enjoyed.

Cancer has changed me

I decided that if I get better, I will pay it back and make a difference in someone's life.

Cancer has changed me, and it's my duty to share my journey because it can help and resonate with so many people.

Later, I shifted to Jaipur because I needed a break to re-build my body. I did strength-building exercises, pranayama, and Yoga and started traveling, trekking, and many other things that I thought I missed in my life.

I started working as a health coach. During the lockdown, I realized that the time has come to start my own wellness company. Lockdown is a blessing in disguise. I did a lot of sessions with people. Now, here I am, from a fashion designer to a health coach.

Cancer has changed me 360. I am now experiencing life in a beautiful way. I don't waste my time on something not relating to me because I know life is precious, and I cannot waste time on those things. Now, I have deep gratitude for everyone in my life and everything that has come into my life.

Parting Message

Don't think it is the end; it might be the beginning of something new. It is a pause given to you by nature, so embrace it. Use it to reflect on yourself. Always have a positive attitude. Please don't take your body for granted; treat it as a temple. Live in the present moment.

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