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Rachael Pereira (Ovarian Cancer): Indulge More in Self-Care

Rachael Pereira (Ovarian Cancer): Indulge More in Self-Care

I had just turned 21 when my health started deteriorating a bit. I expected it because of my lifestyle and work, but my health kept deteriorating. I rushed to the hospital and found that I had a tumour that needed to be operated on urgently.

Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

I went into the emergency ward, had a constant fever, and could not sit or stand. The following day, I was rushed for various tests, and when the reports came, I learned that I had a tumour that was twisted around the abdomen. I underwent a five-and-a-half-hour-longSurgery. Post my Surgery, I had 27 stitches and many other things that felt like torture. I wanted to get rid of everything. After seven days, I started walking and getting back to normal.

After one week, when the tumour marker results came, I learned it wasOvarian Cancer. I kept denying it and trying to sink in that it was true. Later, we got a call that we had to consult an oncologist. When we went to the oncologist, he said I had to undergoChemotherapy. I couldn't handle what was happening around me. I had already gone through a lot, but I always had a smile.

Ovarian Cancer Treatment

The doctors were amazing. I knew I was in good hands, and I felt safe. The doctor said theOvarian Cancerwas in the initial stage, and therefore, I would need only sixChemotherapysessions. I cried a lot, but I was ready to fight. My best friend, who happened to be a doctor, helped me a lot on the nutrition side.

I underwent theChemotherapysessions. My friend prepared a chart of what I should and should not do. I followed a pattern of five chemotherapies in a week and then took a day break.

I got my hair shaved, and it didn't have many side effects. Initially, I was told that I would have to go through sixChemotherapysessions, but after four sessions of Chemotherapy, the doctors said I was cancer-free. I was ecstatic after hearing that, and I felt like dancing.

We used to take an extra three pairs of clothes to the hospital in case of any emergency, but we took our bags and directly went to Goa. Now, I go for follow-up once in six months.

Parting Message

Be grateful for every little thing. Appreciate every little moment of your life. Hold on to hope. Indulge more in self-care and do something to pamper yourself. Believe in yourself.

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