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Mahesh Kamdar (NHL): What Matters Is The Quality Of Life

Mahesh Kamdar (NHL): What Matters Is The Quality Of Life

When I came to know that I have cancer on the 30th of May 2018, I told my doctor that I have already lived a king's life. I wasn't scared of death or destiny. Though the doctor said that my cancer was curable. I had seventeen sleepless nights.

I thought that cancer might have something to do with my spine Surgery in 2011. Though the Pain had been persistent since then I never thought it would turn into cancer. The Pain refused to leave. I was covered to up to 7 lakh rupees.

I have always been healthy. One of my close friends is one of the leading neurosurgeons in the EU and Scotland, Dr. Pradnesh. On the 6th of May, he came down straight from the airport to meet me and asked me to get admitted after looking at my condition.

I got admitted on the 7th of June under Dr. Kukreti and after my Biopsy was done, I was told that it was the fourth stage of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. After being sent to TATA Memorial, and they told me that it is a case of Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma. In the PET scan, it was revealed that I need to go for 12 chemo sessions.

Alternate Treatment:

I sought the help of homeopathic medicines from a German company to relieve myself of the after-effects of the chemo sessions. Therefore, except for constipation, everything else was under control.

The doctor said that you should have a side effect. After 4 chemos I did a PET scan and entire cancer had gone. The homeopathic medicines were effective and I spent around a lakh only on those pills. I took 8 more sessions after that. I am a good swimmer too. I am sure COVID will never touch me.

Parting Message:

Have good food. Leave all vices. Quit Smoking and Drinking. What matters the most is the overall quality of life. Whether rich or poor, the quality of your life will matter the most. Don't be afraid. God is Great. Eat good and healthy food.

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