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Hemant Bhawsar (Colon Cancer): Don’t Die Before Death Comes

Hemant Bhawsar (Colon Cancer): Don’t Die Before Death Comes

Colon Cancer Diagnosis

I am a kidney stone patient and have also had an operation. I was on regular check-ups, and during one of my check-ups, my radiologist saw that I had swelling in my colon and advised me to consult a gastroenterologist. I consulted a gastroenterologist, and he suggested me to do a colonoscopy. I used to have weakness and fever sometimes. I said all these things to the doctor. After the colonoscopy, it became clear that I had stage two Colon Cancer. The colon cancer diagnosis shocked me, but I gathered my courage and started my treatment with patience.

Colon Cancer Treatment

I had my surgery within a week, and it took around one month to recover. Later, I had Chemotherapy, and slowly and steadily, everything started improving.

I had already undergone two successful surgeries and had overcome a kidney stone. Therefore, I was confident I could also conquer this Colon Cancer. My wife was with me when I received the news of the cancer diagnosis. It was a shock for both of us, but we gave each other courage and started the treatment.

After one and a half months of the surgery, I started my chemotherapy at a hospital in Vadodara. There were many struggles during the Chemotherapy, including loss of appetite, low hemoglobin and platelet counts, weakness, and weight loss, but then, with time, everything got back on track. The doctor had already told me that I would have side effects during my chemotherapy sessions, including hair fall, but I didn't need to worry about it. The doctors were very motivating and suggested turmeric milk and other tonics.

I never stopped working. My home and office are in the same place, so I used to go to my office whenever I felt energetic. I never liked staying in bed. I used to water plants, do routine chores, and later started going to my friend's house.

I was ready to face everything and decided to take complete treatment no matter what. I had eight chemotherapy sessions of 21 days. I had weight loss and many other problems, but I always had the support of my family, wife, and friends, which never made me feel that I was undergoing cancer Treatment.

Whenever anyone came to me with a scarred face, I told them not to worry; I had cancer and would come out of it. My wife supported me a lot when I could not eat anything. I received a lot of support and care from her. I believe positive thoughts are crucial; my environment was very positive, and that's why I was able to come out of it.

I regularly go for follow-ups, and all my reports are standard.

Life after Cancer

I was not this energetic even before cancer; I feel like I have newfound energy and strength. Now, I wake up at 5 am and cycle for at least 10 km daily. My confidence level has skyrocketed. I feel like I can tackle anything that comes my way. I believe we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Medical science says that you get negative thoughts whenever you hear anything wrong. Negative thoughts are every day, but keeping your mind stable while dealing with those negative thoughts is essential.

I never had the question of why me in my mind. I feel lucky that I got diagnosed at stage two, and this was the first positive thought that came to my mind: okay, it's cancer, but at least I got diagnosed at stage two without any significant symptoms.

I believe you don't die before death comes. We all have to die one day, so why worry about it? You can die of an accident, heart attack, or anything else, but with cancer, we will have some time to prepare for it. So take the treatment today and don't dwell on what will happen tomorrow; just enjoy being in the moment. Be aware of your symptoms, find happiness, and live in the present.

Life Lessons

You will have more positive thoughts and confidence if you have done something good. The more good you do, the more positive, happy, and confident you will feel.

It's imperative to motivate people. I try to motivate every cancer patient I meet. Medicines work, but other survivors' motivation works more on the patients.

Parting Message

Take proper treatment and maintain positive thoughts. If you aspire to live, then no one can defeat you. The more confident you are, the sooner you will recover. Medicines will work only when you take them positively and believe that they will cure you.

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