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How To Make CBD Suppository

How To Make CBD Suppository

Suppositories are basically a form of taking medicine through the vagina or rectum. So rather than taking a pill or a capsule, you can insert a suppository up there.

Many people are hesitant when learning about taking CBD vaginally or anally. However, it is a recognised form of drug delivery in the western scientific tradition because there are so many blood vessels in the anus, which means the drug can enter your bloodstream without being processed by your gut and liver, which would happen when you take a pill by mouth. Furthermore, suppositories can deliver treatments and drugs to produce local and systemic impact.

This means it works quicker, and you can get more of the drug in your body. Therefore, it makes sense to use CBD suppositories as an application mode for maximum benefits.

Before knowing how to make CBD, we must understand what it is and how it is benefitted for cancer patients.

What is CBD

CBD Suppository

Medical cannabis work against cancer growth or spread, either individually or with other treatments, to improve their anticancer action and survival. Cannabis is a plant product or an extract for medical use made from cannabis Sativa, cannabis Indica or hybrid plant varieties. Natural plant extracts fight cancer, manage pain, induce sleep & improve appetite. Medical cannabis is the most potent classical medicine used to reduce the spread of cancer and treat cancer-associated pain and ailments.

Benefits of CBD

Reduces inflammation and spread of cancer.

Increases appetite.

Manages chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.

Manages chronic pain and neuropathic pain.

Reduces side effects of chemotherapy.

Reduces anxiety and fatigue and enhances mood.

Manages stress and promotes sound sleep.

How to make CBD suppository

It is very simple to make your suppositories. You can adjust the quantity according to the amount you want to make. You have to follow the same ratio.

  • 1 part coconut oil
  • 2 parts ghee
  • 1 part CBD

You need to melt the ghee with coconut oil and the CBD. Once melted, you can pour it into moulds, and it will harden in the fridge or freezer.

Once you are ready to use it, you can insert it into your private parts, and it will gently melt, providing soothing relief.

Why use CBD suppositories

You might need to use a suppository in the following condition:

The drug you are taking would break down too quickly in your digestive tract if you took it as a pill or liquid.

You cannot swallow medicine.

You are vomiting and can't keep a pill or liquid down.

The medicine tastes too bad to take by mouth.

How to insert CBD suppositories

To put in a rectal suppository:

Go to the washroom first to try to empty your colon.

Wash your hands with soap and water.

Unpack the suppository.

Apply a water-based grease over the tip or dip it in water. It will help you slide it in smoothly.

Get in a comfortable position. You can stand with one leg up on a chair or lie on your side with one leg straight and the other bent toward your stomach.

Gently spread your buttocks open.

Carefully push the suppository, tapered end first, about 1 inch into your bottom.

Close your legs and sit or lie still for about 15 minutes to let it dissolve.

Wash your hands again with warm water and soap.

Ask your doctor before you use a suppository if you:

  • Have anirregular heartbeat.
  • Have had recent surgery on your rectum.
  • Hadprostatesurgery recently (For men).
  • Has surgery orradiationtreatment to your vaginal area (For women).
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