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Healing Circle Talks with Yogesh Mathuria: Love is the Biggest Healer

Healing Circle Talks with Yogesh Mathuria: Love is the Biggest Healer

About the Healing Circle

The purpose of the Healing Circle at Love Heals Cancer and is to give a safe space to cancer patients, caregivers, and winners, to share their feelings or experiences. This circle is built on the foundation of kindness and respect. It is a sacred space where everyone listens with compassion and treats each other with honour. All the stories are held confidential, and we believe that we have the guidance we need within us, and we rely on the power of silence to access it.

About the Speaker

Mr Yogesh Mathuria, the speaker of this webinar, has extensive expertise in ANAHAT Healing. He was drawn to the field of healing when his wife got diagnosed with cancer. He is one of the most reputed healing professionals globally and has an experience of over seven years. He has undergone training from Ms Louise Hay. He is nicknamed 'Vishwamithra' by his near and dear ones as he travels around the world to spread peace.

Mr. Yogesh Mathuria's healing journey

I was settled in the US and was thinking about coming back to India. I think God had some different plans for me; just after one week of coming to India, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. Initially, I was not much worried about it because medical science has progressed well, and I thought we could take care of her with the best treatment available. I had also decided that if necessary, I could take her back to US for treatment. I ended up taking her to the US, UK, the best doctors of India, and also tried homoeopathy, allopathy and Tibetian medicines, but she expired after seven months of treatment.

Through all this, I learnt the lesson that you cannot buy health with money. At that time, my weight was 101kg; I had diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Somehow, I lost interest in my corporate career, and I chose to retire at the age of 50. I had no idea what to do. After four days of retirement, on the fifth day, I was on the internet, and I put the question; is there anyone in the world who came out of cancer without using formal allopathy? And the name that popped up was Louise Hay. I immediately contacted Louise Hay and was told that a course was starting, and if I was interested, there were a couple of registrations open. That's how my journey on healing started.

In 2009, I met Louise Hay for the first time in California. I have been practicing ANAHAT HEALING for so many years and have used the Louise Hay method very profoundly. After so many years of working with cancer patients across the world, I realized that cancer is mainly suppressed anger. If a situation has created anger in you and you are not able to resolve that anger at that point, that emotion stays back in your conscious mind and over a period of time, that leads to cancer in the body. There are many outside reasons like smoking and drinking, but emotionally, the primary root cause is suppressed emotions.

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The power to heal your body is in your hands

Sometimes a child smiles while sleeping, and that is because of its innocence and purity. As a child grows, starts meeting new people, engaging in various types of foods, and experience various situations in life, it leads to a change in purity and loss of innocence. Unfortunately, it applies to all of us. We lose that purity in our life, and it is so painful that we convert our body into a dustbin where we store anger, hatred, lust and fear. We have to understand that this body is the pure divine gift, so we should store more love, gratitude and compassion. If we look from a spiritual angle, every human body is a living temple. If you connect to the core of your being, you will understand that the core of human life is to love and to spread love. Now, when the disease has come into our body, we have the empowerment to talk to our own body and ask the disease to go away.

I have worked with many cases where you can ask your body to be freed from whatever form of the disease you are going through. After having 20 years of continuous medication for diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure, once I understood the concept of healing myself, I came out of it once and for all. When I came out, I lost almost 30kilos of weight from 101kilos to 70kilos, and automatically the body started responding. I did this by doing various things together, such as controlled diet, Yoga and Pranayama. I was constantly was in touch with my doctor, but he did not allow me to stop medicines. After eight months, I asked him on a more personal level, why he was not allowing me to stop the medication even though my sugar level was in control, my weight had come down, and all my reports were okay. He said, as long as allopathy is concerned, once you are diagnosed with blood pressure or diabetes, you have to take the medication life long because these medicines are not to cure but to manage your sugar level or blood pressure.

But then, at some point, I realized that I had to come out of these medicines; so I took a calculated risk. Of course, the doctors had reduced my medicines, but somehow, I was convinced that since I was on this path, I had the empowerment to drive my disease out and therefore should stop taking my medicines. From 10th April 2000 onwards, I have not taken any forms of medication.

Daily morning routine

I am 63 years old, and I have my parents who stay with me, and none of us takes any medicines on a daily basis. Our primary way of living is by doing yoga, Pranayama, and workout. I wake up daily at 4 a.m. I start my day with two glass of warm water with lime, then half an hour of deep Pranayama, then some workout, and then one and half hour of meditation.

How love can heal your body

When an egg is broken due to outside pressure, you can convert it into an omelette or something, but when an egg breaks due to inside power, a new life is born. Similarly, when you work on love, you create a platform inside, and when that empowerment happens from the inside, it drives away all the disease.

Deep breathing exercise

Sit straight, place your hands on your lap, close your eyes, and bring a lovely smile to your face. A smile is an ornament gifted by the divine, so always wear a smile, and if you make this a part of your life, you are allowing a window for love to come into your life. Be relaxed, put your attention entirely on your breath; observe your breath. Your breath is your Pranashakti, your life energy, so connect with your breath, enjoy and celebrate your breath. Today, in this world, everybody knows that without breath, there is no life but how much focus we give to our breath is always an important question. Observe your breath and relax completely. Deepen your breath and try to enjoy your breathing process. Attach rhythm; breathe in for four seconds, hold your breath for four seconds, release your breath for six seconds, ensure that your lungs are empty, hold that for two seconds, and then start your cycle again.

If you do this 4+4+6+2 exercise, then each breathing cycle is of 16 seconds. Around us, there are many animals, and our closest ones are dogs and cats. Their breathing cycle is very short, and so is their life cycle also. Similarly, animals like turtle and elephant who have very long breathing cycle, only a couple of breaths in a minute, live between 100 to 200 years. So, the quality of deep breathing has a direct connection to the longevity of our life, so try to take deep breaths as much as possible. Observe your breath Deepen your breath Deepen and apply rhythm on your breath Focus on your breath Do Om chanting and create more internal power If you understand the power of your inner eyes, you can achieve so many things in your life. Connect to your body parts, talk to them, say I love you, I am grateful to you for being with me in this incredible life journey. After the bath, look at the mirror, look at your own eyes, and say I love you and bring that emotion of love. Share your feeling of love with yourself, with your own body parts. Talk to yourself, say every breath brings in me the purest of pure love, joy, amazing health, happiness, serene peace, prosperity, and complete harmony in my life. I choose to release all my anger, resentment, negativity, guilt, fear, hatred, jealousy, lust, and all forms of worries completely.

If you continue to do this, a day will come where you will breathe pure love, and there will be no junk inside. If you clean the emotional blocks in our body, you will feel only love in your life. Touch your specific body part, and say I love you; I am grateful to you for your support in this life journey and visualize that in your mind. Let's take an example of our heart. It's an amazing gift that nature has provided us with, the human heart is a pump with enormous capacity; there is no pump in the world which has the power of the human heart, so say I love you and thanks to your heart.

Forgive and invite Love into your life

The biggest power we possess is the one to forgive and forget. Forgiveness requires much more strength, whereas anger is a sign of weakness. So, when you forgive and forget, by that, you are not approving someone's wrong thing, but you are healing and cleansing yourself for better emotions, peace, and happiness. Invite all those emotions, purity and love that you want in your life. If the cup is full of tea and you want coffee today, unless you empty the cup, you cannot fill it with coffee. Similarly, in the life journey, knowingly or unknowingly by various cultural learning, we accumulate all those junk, which is of no use to us. So, empty your cup of junk and fill it with pure love. Be at the present moment; enjoy your breathing; celebrate it. Practice deep breathing as much as you can, preferably early in the morning in your garden, or near a window, where you can access maximum fresh air. Doing Pranayama and chanting OM, as the most integral part of your daily life, will ensure multiple steps in the journey to create internal power. Do everything with love.

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