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Healing Circle Talks with Mr. Yogesh Mathuria: Gratitude

Healing Circle Talks with Mr. Yogesh Mathuria: Gratitude

Prayers are powerful. Prayers can heal. So can gratitude. When Love Heals Cancer came up with the idea of healing circles, it opened multiple avenues to an indomitable spirit of optimism. These healing sessions are a platform for everyone to listen, introspect, delve within, and walk toward the journey of compassion with the power of silence. During this healing session, 17 out of 24 responses recorded for the definition of gratitude were unique and revolved around appreciation and a feeling of indebtedness.

A Vegan who captured the world

Yogesh Mathuria, a sixty-year-old Vegan who walked around the world with the power of gratitude shared his story. Nicknamed 'Vishwamithra' by near and dear ones, this heart-attack survivor lost his wife to cancer after a celebrated corporate career. A well-known philanthropist who retired from the Mastek group of companies, Yogesh was shattered and parted ways with the IT world forever.

That gave birth to a tireless journey towards helping cancer patients and doing everything he could for their families. His unmatched energy and enthusiasm continue to motivate people. It is his compassion for others that has attracted a lot of people taking care of his travel, accommodation, and all other expenses. Staying in temples, Gurudwaras, Dharamshalas, and houses of strangers, he firmly believes that love can heal anything and integrate borders.

Emphasizing being grateful towards the five basic elements of nature, he talks about a conversation with a Buddhist Monk in New York, back in 2006, that changed his life forever. It is during this conversation that he was introduced to something called 'Lotus Gratitude Prayer', something which is an integral part of his life now. This meditation is a way to thank so many people around us, without whom our lives would have been impossible. Often undervalued, these people and their life struggles go unnoticed.

The Lotus Gratitude Prayer:

[(P.S) Sit erect on a comfortable chair or resting place with folding hands and slowly unlock the lotus flower mudra in ten small steps:]

Step One:

The prayer that transcends across religions asks us to be grateful to providence for our blessed existence. At this stage, open any pinky finger.

Step Two:

In step two, we thank every living being out there while unlocking a ring finger.

Step Three:

In step three, we thank Mother Earth while unlocking a middle finger for sustaining life and providing us with water, food, and oxygen.

Step Four:

In step four, we thank our parents for bestowing life on us, while unlocking an index finger.

Step Five:

In step five, we thank our better halves for their selfless companionship and courtship and unlock a thumb.

Step Six:

In the sixth step, we bow down before all the children, for imparting invaluable lessons to us, considering them as a form of God, unlocking the other pinky finger.

Seventh Step:

Thanking all our siblings, we unlock the remaining ring finger.

Eight Step:

Remembering In-Laws and the wonderful moments we've had with them, it's time to unlock the other middle finger.

Ninth Step:

This step is in remembrance of people and animals who add value to our lives including animals, subordinates, juniors, butlers, and people who mostly get neglected the most, and whose existence is the most underrated in society.

Tenth Step:

The tenth step is in remembrance of every person who has inflicted pain, torment, harassment, and suffering on us. This, according to Mr Yogesh, is a way to get rid of deep-rooted anger as that subdued anger is the psychological root cause for all diseases. As soon as the tenth finger is open you see a fully bloomed lotus in your life. This mudra is supposed to usher an unprecedented wave of joy in the seeker's life.

Gratitude and Pregnancy

Neha shares that she had been diagnosed with cancer during the sixth month of pregnancy. Doctors had recommended abortion as chemo would have harmed the child. But when her son came to life, she learned what gratitude is. For Neha, children are a manifestation of gratitude.

'Magical' Samaritans

When Rohit was diagnosed with cancer in Mumbai, he had no means to take care of even his basic needs. That's when a god-sent samaritan came forward to bear all his expenses. Atul claims that Rhonda Byrne's 'Magic' introduced him to a chapter called 'Gratitude'. That chapter involves an exercise of jotting down ten different things one feels grateful about. That developed into a habit and it helped him maintain his composure even when he was diagnosed with cancer. Even during the most trying times, that simple exercise of gratitude provided extraordinary mental strength to Atul.

When the reality dawns

Brain Aneurysm, breast cancer, partial paralysis, and multiple bouts of chemotherapies had left Richa distraught and bitter. What motivated her to pull through was the feeling of gratitude toward her family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, and the medical team.

With Love, From Hawaii

Dimple narrates how a Hawaiian friend Kozo, back in the U.S., suffering from Colon Cancer was all alone and got divorced as soon as his cancer was detected.

As if an abusive stepfather wasn't enough, a broken marital life had devastated him. H spiritual activities and gratitude motivated him to start working with people like Michael Lerner in the cancer institute.

As nectar churned out of a venomous ocean, gems emerge out of cancer-stricken families. These champions harbor and instill qualities that inspire others, changing their perspective toward life altogether. A trait commonly found among cancer patients, survivors, and their caregivers is the invaluable feeling of Gratitude.

"Cancer may have started the fight, but I will finish it with gratitude'

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