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Healing Circle Talks with Shailan Robinson: Music for Healing

Healing Circle Talks with Shailan Robinson: Music for Healing

Healing Circles

Healing Circles atZenOnco.iois a sacred healing platform for cancer survivors, patients, caregivers, and everyone involved in the battle against cancer, where we all unite to share our feelings and experiences from the past. The sole intention of these Healing Circles is to help different individuals feel comfortable and relatable so that they don't feel alone. Furthermore, these online, as well as offline circles, aim to motivate individuals to come out of the emotional, physical, mental, and social trauma that cancer may have caused. At each of our webinars, we invite a promising speaker to help inspire these individuals. And thereby helping them feel content and relaxed. At the same time, we keep the circle open for everyone to share their own inspirational stories.

A glimpse into what the webinar was about

Throughout the webinar, the speakers, Mr Shailan Robinson and Mr Pukhraj, spoke about the power of music and the mind and how it plays a vital role in the process of healing. Mr Pukhraj explained several instances, one of them being a young boy who was suffering from cancer and had only a limited time to live. The boy was intrigued by the idea of music, which then became his ultimate strength towards combating the illness. The child's dream of determination, willpower, and conviction has helped him not only stay alive but also become well and fit.

Another instance was of Diana, a woman who recovered fromColon Cancerand was simultaneously diagnosed withLung Cancerthat had severely spread to the brain. At the time, she was told that she had only a few weeks to live. Today, it's been 13 years, and she is alive and very much healthy. She now serves several cancer patients across the world. Her determination, self-love, love for her husband and family, and numerous other components helped her have a beautiful recovery from cancer.

Furthermore, we also invited Mr Shailan Robinson, who combated ALL cancer, a rare cancer type, even though he had only a limited survival time. His faith and love for Jesus Christ led him down a steady recovery path without even having to consider the possibility of giving up. His health reached a critical stage where all the cancer cells took over the internal organs, which ultimately weakened him. This is when he fully surrendered himself to Jesus and had faith, thereby coming out victorious and full of triumph. These instances have thus pointed out the sole power of faith, self-love, music, and determination in the process of cancer healing.

An overview of the speaker

Mr Pukhraj and Shailan Robinson are both extremely dedicated people aiming to serve their lives, helping cancer patients heal. While Mr Pukhraj shared an inspiring story of how he helps cancer patients to heal, Mr Shailan talked about his own journey of healing from a deadly cancer type where there was no hope of recovering.

He highlighted how God is the only ethereal being that can heal us. And is faithful and grateful to God for being alive today. He offered his expertise and insights to the individuals who participated in this Healing Circle so that they not only feel inspired and happy but also have support from an external community in this devastating and overwhelming course of time. Both the speakers shed light on how spirituality, hope, music, and mind power are different ways through which one can heal.

Mr Shailan explains how it is not the power of music that heals you but what it entirely contains. He further shed light on the following components that can help you stay positive and happy for an aesthetic healing journey.

  • He talked about how his belief in God changed his perspective as a whole. The speaker talked about how God had different plans for him and how he is alive because of Him.
  • Don't inhale the negativity. Don't let discouragement get to you. Stay positive and only let the good and positive beliefs get inside your head.
  • Gratefulness is the key to having a soothing, healing journey. You must stay grateful for whatever you have and appreciate everything about your life.

He also talks about how important it is to have faith and believe that only our hearts can truly heal us.


Every participant in this webinar was touched by the story of Mr Shailan. The chief focus of this webinar was to help cancer patients, caregivers, survivors, guardians, and other associated individuals feel better about themselves and find the right path to healing if they are struggling with traumatic experiences.

The speaker highlighted components like acknowledging what God does so that we feel much more faithful and happy. Mr Shailan's touching story left several participants smiling in joy at the fact that anything is possible if you believe in it. He talked about how faith can move mountains and how trusting in God and yourself can help you overcome anything.

Today, Mr Shailan, with a group of individuals, also makes inspirational music in a band as he believes in the power of music and God. He motivates several individuals to speak up about their stories, which were also equally heart-touching and beautiful. The vitality of acceptance was a topic of discussion. Different participants in the webinar spoke about how they believe in destiny and how whatever is happening to them is meant to happen so that they can heal and become mentally strong. During the webinar, stories and instances not only brought a smile amongst the individuals but also opened doors for faith and hope.

Why is music the key to healing?

While undergoing cancer, treatment can not only be overwhelming but can also be a very traumatic experience. Music and spirituality are two components that help not only cancer patients but also their caregivers and other involved individuals mitigate the risk of experiencing mental conditions like stress, depression, andanxiety. Mr Shailan is hopeful that if you believe in yourself and God, you can heal from anything. He talks about how music and not just any music, but the 'cancer-soothing' music can help survivors boost their self-esteem. With the power of music, patients will feel much more confident, relieved, happy, and motivated to set on the most beautiful and mind-relaxing healing journey for themselves.

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