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Healing Circle Talks with Dr Ashish Ambasta

Healing Circle Talks with Dr Ashish Ambasta

Healing Circles at ZenOnco.io

Healing Circles atZenOnco.io are sacred platforms specifically for cancer patients and survivors to share their experiences and traumas in a socially acceptable and supportive space. We help caregivers, cancer survivors, cancer patients, and every individual involved in this journey to rediscover their purpose and meaning in life, along with assisting them to heal and reach emotional mindfulness. The circles are conducted offline and online and come with the motive of inspiring individuals to feel better about themselves, along with it healing from their physical, mental, social, and psychological traumas. ZenOnco.io and experts help individuals have the ultimate experience of community support.

An overview of the webinar

The webinar that was conducted on the 3rd of May, 2020, was a virtual webinar that fundamentally addressed the benefits of happiness in the process of healing. The last few days have been traumatic for everybody. The global pandemic has not only taken away several lives and impacted the global economy significantly but has also caused a rise in anxiety, PTSD, mental traumas, and illnesses. Several caregivers, patients, and nurses have experienced high levels of stress and emotional distress due to the criticality of COVID-19. The webinar focused on these aspects and how achieving happiness can help cancer patients with a positive outlook on life and the current situation.

A brief on the speaker

The host of this webinar was Dr Ashish Ambasta, an incredibly knowledgeable professional who aims to help struggling individuals choose the right path to achieve emotional wellness. Dr Ashish has been helping several cancer patients and survivors find the right path to happiness for the last seven years. He initially started by pursuing a PhD in happiness. Furthermore, he is also a visiting professor at IIM Indore. He is also highly passionate about helping survivors and patients feel better about themselves, along with helping them discover true happiness.

The basic rules of the webinars include respecting everyone's opinions and choices. Throughout the webinar, Dr Ashish gave insights on how happiness is vital and beneficial for cancer patients, caregivers, volunteers, and other involved members. He also sheds light on different ways by which one can achieve happiness for a consistent healing process. He also addressed how a happy mind can help individuals become mentally and physically healthy not only by undergoing cancer treatment but for achieving an active lifestyle, especially during the pandemic.

Dr Ashish chiefly focuses on the power of positivity. He explains how a positive outlook and a calm mentality can help in transforming negative situations. He helps the participants understand the vitality of positivity. Patients and relevantly involved people should always carry a positive mindset and reflect calm and happy energy as it enhances the likelihood of healing. Dr Ashish, throughout the video, shares his broadened knowledge with the participants on how he encountered different patients who gained mental stability and a sense of relief by indulging in practising happiness for healing. Furthermore, he talks about how the right amount of empathy is necessary.

Given below are some insights on positivity by Dr Ashish

  • Cancer doesn't affect people based on caste, race, or other factors. Anybody can fall victim to it. What matters is how you decide to let it affect you. He gives instances of how popular celebrities like Manisha Koirala, Tahira Kashyap, and Sonali Bendre fought against it.
  • Optimism and happiness are a choice we can make. Dr Ashish sheds light on how we must all be optimistic and grateful for everything we have. We must never compare ourselves to one another as every human being is special in their way. Accepting yourself for being you is the key to staying happy. One has the choice of being happy and optimistic regardless of their financial situation and circumstances. As an example, Dr. Ashish shared the inspiring story of Anchal Sharma, who regained her strength after her cancer treatment against all odds.
  • Finding your purpose is another soothing way of healing yourself to rediscover happiness. Whether you're suffering from cancer or have finished the treatment, continue searching for the meaning of life.

ABCDE technique

In this technique, Dr Ashish explains how you can overcome negative thinking and overthinking in general in the following ways.

  • Adversity: Jot down what you are feeling and why you are feeling.
  • Belief: Try detecting the real belief that is triggering this feeling.
  • Consequence: Record the consequences of the problem and how you're acting out and feeling.
  • Dispute: Mitigate the negative thoughts by replacing them with positive ones.
  • Energy: Understand and analyze the possibility of optimistic explanations that can energize you.

Steps for staying optimistic

  • Always practice gratitude and begin your day on a positive note.
  • Choose happiness.
  • Change the negative aspects of your lifestyle.
  • Replace challenges with problems and surround yourself with positive people.
  • Find the meaning of your life and view it as a journey.
  • Don't go overboard and stress yourself. Take a break. Give yourself self-talk to stay motivated.


The primary objective of this webinar was to help every participant feel comfortable sharing their traumatic experiences. Several participants opened up throughout the webinar and felt a sense of relief and comfort in engaging with other individuals. The webinar not only helped glorify the vitality of happiness for healing but also helped different individuals feel relatable and acknowledged. With the recent events of lockdown and self-isolation, signs of Anxiety and Depression in several cancer patients are kicking in now more than ever. The virtual platform thus helps motivate these patients to stay happy and calm.

Why is happiness vital for cancer survivors and fighters?

Happiness is a fundamental component of staying mentally and emotionally independent and strong. Several cancer patients and the involved parties have reportedly experienced high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and other psychological and physical side effects. Healing is thus a tedious process but is the ultimate key to coming out of this journey strong and happy. The webinar aimed to treat every individual with respect and kindness, listen to their thoughts with undivided attention, and help one another understand different ways of healing through happiness.

ZenOnco.io is extremely grateful to every participant who helped make this webinar successful. It is with the participation of these individuals and the expertise of Dr Ashish that we could create a safe space for cancer survivors, volunteers, caregivers, and other involved people to openly talk about different issues they've been facing in the course of the last few days.

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