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Healing Circle Talks with Divya Sharma: “Every Disease Has an Expiry Date!”

Healing Circle Talks with Divya Sharma: “Every Disease Has an Expiry Date!”

So, what is a healing circle?

Psychological, essential, and yet practical, that's what a healing circle is.

It is one of the most healthy and sacred communities of people who share stories and experiences of their encounters withsimilar conditions. Contrary to what people believe, cancer can, to a great extent, be controlled and even diagnosed with support from a caring community along with the treatment.

People often tend to look at cancer as the end of all their aspirations and possibly even life. However, this is far from being true. It is wrong. Members of our healing circles have found that coming out of cancer has given them a new perspective towards life and changed them for good.

Divya Sharma- "Every disease has an expiry date!"

Divya Sharma is a warrior. She encountered Blood Cancer at the age of 19.

But that's not all yet. After her long treatment, she was tested positive for typhoid, and just after a day she was tested negative for typhoid but positive for jaundice. A month later she got to know that she was suffering from Influenza as well.

That is enough to break someone from the inside, but not Divya. Divya now plans to continue her higher education and also serve the community by sharing her experiences.

Today, she is an active member of our healing circles and continues to inspire thousands of people. She even takes interviews of other winners, who have successfully conquered cancer.

The Answer to Cancer

Divya has overcome cancer through her positive approach to life. She is popular in the healing circle for her smile and jovial nature. Divya says that people look at cancer as a death-certificate for them, but she doesn't think so. She believes that it is just the birth certificate of a disease that has an eventual "expiry date".

This is what makes her so special. Her positivity in the toughest of times has helped her overcome cancer, and today she continues to motivate several others.

Everyone in the circle, from children to people twice as old as her, all look up to her for hope and motivation.

Divya has a cheerful aura, which not only inspires other cancer patients but her parents as well. Her parents say that when the doctors had lost hope, then their only hope was Divya herself. She always smiled, which induced a sense of relief in them.

A Blessing in disguise

Divya had to put her studies on hold due to her treatment. However, she ended up learning much more. She was more confident and loved herself more than ever. She always says that she is thankful to cancer for making her who she is.

After her treatment, Divya came out as a writer. It all started when she used to write short lines to herself for motivation. In these notes, she would also personify cancer and talk about the fact that she is ready to face more, no matter what it is. This writing experience turned out to be very useful for not only expressing herself but also helped her in the new journey she began with writing. Today she is an accomplished writer and writes about her life experiences and cancer. She is an amazing public speaker, best known for precisely expressing what she feels. Every single person in the healing circle realizes this when they listen to her story live. People of all age groups have been impacted by her story.

Changing our perspective towards cancer

Remember the last TV advertisement related to cancer? It was terrifying, right? It showed patients who were in an unpleasant condition-unable to breathe, frequent coughing, and whatnot. That's when most people conclude that cancer is the end. However, what these ads don't show are the large number of people recovering and their inspiring success stories.

Divya has been strongly against the unreal portrayal of cancer in movies and advertisements. These instances of a false depiction of cancer, have created fear in the minds of the people. In fact, the first thing which comes to people's minds about cancer is inevitable death. Fortunately, this is not true either. Cancer is curable, and Divya Sharma is one among the millions of examples of that.

Cancer is not treated only through surgeries and medication, but there is another side to it as well. Healing Circles as mentioned earlier, relieve people of all their Stress and give them inner peace. When suffering from diseases such as cancer, for the bare minimum, one needs to get over all their Stress and problems. That's what the healing circles do. Even Divya is a part of our healing circles and clowning groups. It's a wonderful community to be a part of, and all the cancer patients have had a positive impact due to it.

A Message from Divya

For all patients, Divya shares the following tips for getting over cancer:

  • Talk to survivors: Talking to survivors is the best way to attain all the confidence one needs. While talking to them, you will realize that this situation will eventually pass. It is the best way to get that instant adrenaline rush when you are either feeling hopeless or low.
  • Working on your hobbies: Work on your hobbies not just to divert your mind, but solely for joy. This can have miraculous effects on you! As mentioned earlier, while facing diseases such as cancer, you should be on the top of your mind and health, and keep Stress and Anxiety at bay.
  • Express Yourself: This is probably the most important part. You have a lot of thoughts in your head when you are going through your treatment. Just let them out, and you will be relieved of all the Stress. This can be achieved by activities ranging from talking to friends and family to writing it all down.
  • Accept the situation as it is, don't be in denial, and you are halfway done: She recalls that during her treatment, she never did something to divert her mind from her condition. Furthermore, she has been a strong believer in the fact that accepting reality makes us a stronger person from the inside.

So this was Divya Sharma's story, inspiring right? If you are taking away something from this article, then make it- Everything is possible, and whatever happens, happens for the best!!

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