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Healing Circle Talks: Listening &; Gratitude

Healing Circle Talks: Listening &; Gratitude

About the Healing Circle

Healing circles at ZenOnco.io and Love Heals Cancer are sacred platforms for patients, warriors, and caregivers, where they share their experiences without any fear of judgment. It is mainly based on the foundation of love and kindness. The purpose of the healing circle is to provide everyone going through the cancer journey that space where they do not feel like they are alone. We here listen to everyone with compassion and curiosity and respect each other's different ways of healing.

About today's Healing Circle theme

Mindful listening offers a break from focusing on the self or our own response. Instead, it creates an inner stillness where everyone feels free of preconceptions or judgments. Gratitude meditation is a type of meditation that focuses on expressing gratitude for the things in life. We believe being grateful for everything changes your perception towards life.

In today's healing circle, everyone introduced themselves and shared their deep cancer journey. We did an excercise of mindful listening and self-reflection. We wrote one thing that we were stressed about because Stress is bound to happen as long as we live in this world and also wrote one thing we look forward to in this new year.

We absorbed our thoughts and observed our body sensations while writing these thoughts. We believe writing down what you feel makes you more mindful of your thoughts and also make you feel relaxed from what you are going through.

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