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Harshit Grover (Caregiver Ovarian Cancer)

Harshit Grover (Caregiver Ovarian Cancer)

How did it all begin?

It all started in March 2018 when my mother started experiencing symptoms like indigestion, fever, and loss of appetite. We decided to see a local doctor. He told us it was a normal stomach infection and prescribed medicine for that. However, the same symptoms recurred again. So, we decided to consult an ayurvedic doctor. He informed us that these were symptoms of aging and there was nothing to worry about. Things seemed to improve, but after two weeks, the symptoms returned. We visited another doctor, who prescribed a few tests for my mother. The test results came back normal. We then opted for an ultrasound. To our surprise, the results revealed a cyst and fluid in between the lungs and chest cavity. The doctor immediately suggested seeing a gynecologist. We went to Chandigarh along with a few more tests he suggested, including CA-125.

On 2nd June the doctor informed us that we need to conduct a Biopsy to have a clear picture. It was then I came back home as previously my father was taking care of my mother.

Series of tests were ongoing, and on the 4th of June, finally, the biopsy was undertaken, with the results disclosed on the 10th of June. Upon reviewing the report, the doctor stated that the results were inconclusive and my mother needed to undergo a few more tests and chemotherapy. Upon hearing this, my mother broke down. She underwent another biopsy, and the results revealed cancer.


The therapy began with three chemotherapy treatments. Things were good after the first chemotherapy. However, after the second chemotherapy, we had to cut her hair. Following the third chemotherapy cycle, I was in a dilemma about whether to proceed with surgery or not. I scheduled an appointment with Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, and they informed me that surgery could be an option, but the doctor overseeing the chemotherapy stated that permission for surgery couldn't be granted until the tumor size decreased. Therefore, we opted for the fourth chemotherapy session. I decided that the surgery would be performed by Rajiv Gandhi Hospital on the 7th of September. It was a three-and-a-half-hour operation during which a few organs were removed. She remained in the ICU for three days.

She was in a lot of pain. She was recovering well and was discharged on 16th September. We came back home on the 23rd. The next chemotherapy was undertaken and after that biopsy was conducted. In total, she underwent six chemotherapy treatments. She became well and things went on smoothly.


Around June 19, I realized that something was wrong and I decided to go for a psychology session as I felt she was going through depression. She was feeling anxious. I decided to visit a psychiatrist and he told us the same. She was not getting well. We again went to another doctor and sessions continued. At the same time, I took admission in an MBA college But due to corona it was all online. Managing everything was a bit tough for me and at the same time, I knew she was going into depression. I came to know about LoveHealsCancer. One of my friends asked me to visit a new psychiatrist and things became normal.

Side Effects.

During the treatment, she had hair loss, suffered from constipation and also had weight loss. Post the treatment she had symptoms of depression and anxiety.

How did I handle everything?

Initially, balancing my job and studies was challenging, but with time, I made some tough decisions as my priority was to be with my mother. Watching her go through treatment was equally painful for me. Family members were always there to support me, and lots of friends provided constant support. I became less materialistic and more empathetic.

Message for caregiver and patient

Death is inevitable; it's destined. Make the best of your time. You have to be your own strength and support system. Stay positive and do whatever you want to do. One more important thing is acceptance. Don't be afraid to accept and believe that depression is normal.

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