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Gut Connections With Cancer

Cancer is common nowadays. While the disease is generated due to mutations and other factors like environment and genes, our glucose intake is also a factor for cancer. Research reveals that improving our lifestyle, beginning from our food, inhibits cancer by thirty to fifty percent.
Evidence shows that each small habit in our daily lives can either increase or decrease the chances of getting cancer. The diet we follow has a significant impact on our health, so we need to get all the nutrition from our food as it is essential for our overall wellness. It is not proven directly that particular food causes cancer, but the high consumption of those foods can trigger events leading to disease.
Foods that are processed and are high in sugar and low in dietary fiber show high chances for cancer risk. Due to the high amount of sugar, these foods increase glucose content in our blood. Research shows high glucose levels in the blood can cause stomach, blood, and colorectal cancers.

Glucose in the blood causes the excretion of insulin. High insulin levels are also linked with cancer. By breaking down glucose, insulin initiates the division of cells and can also help cancer cells divide faster. Chronic high levels of both insulin and glucose cause inflammation of the body. That is the reason why people with diabetes are at a higher risk.

Overly cooking food can produce harmful components such as HAs (heterocyclic amines) and AGEs (advanced glycation end-products). High concentrations of HAs and AGEs in the body cause inflammation and increase the risk of cancer.

Similarly, with processed meat and dairy, the chances of getting affected by cancer are high.

What should we eat then?

Our gut has an extensive and indispensable rule over our wellness. By changing certain eating habits, one can recover from cancer and maintain good well-being. Mediterranean diets primarily include fruits, vegetables, and good fats, which reduces the risk of common cancers like prostate cancer. While a diet rich in dairy, processed foods and meat can increase the chances of getting colorectal cancer.

Antioxidants, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats are known to decrease the risk of cancers. Antioxidants increase the functionality of the immune system. Diet with high consumption of fruits lowers the risk of lung and stomach cancers.

Low starch diets reduce the chances of esophagus and stomach cancer. Carotenoids found in carrots decrease cancer of mouth, lungs, and pharynx. Vitamin C rich food like strawberries and lemon enhances the immune system and reduces cancer probability. A lycopene-rich diet containing guavas, tomatoes, and watermelon reduces the chances of prostate cancer.

Consumption of foods in their natural state or closer to their natural state enhances the functionality of the body. Many people have fought their cancer by switching to whole food diets. It is not easy to turn in one day, but small, simple steps can help you to achieve good health and mind. You can even take diet and metabolic counselling. A personalized diet program is provided based on the individual’s need as well as for the prevention of cancer.


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