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Gilbert Toglia (4th Stage Colorectal Cancer): That Faith In God Can Truly Bring Healing And Miracles

Gilbert Toglia (4th Stage Colorectal Cancer): That Faith In God Can Truly Bring Healing And Miracles

My journey through cancer was truly a test of fire. It made me realize that I'm not invincible and that any one of us could easily be put in this trial, testing who you are and what you're made of, without questions or answers. It brought my faith to a whole new level with God personally. It was the most gut-wrenching and soul-crushing experience I ever had to face.

Support from the Medical Team:

All my doctors at Colombian Presbyterian Hospital offered full attention and support, as well as the best medicine possible. I have no complaints.

I'm now glad to say doctors have pronounced me cancer-free from stage four cancer and yes God did a miracle glory be to God, the father, son, and Holy Spirit.

Family Support:

One act of kindness I will never forget is that my whole family came together to help take care of me. Family is very important when going through something like this because when you face a life-threatening illness, the first thing you want is love and compassion, and the last thing you ever want is to feel alone. My wife and mother, in particular, along with my twin brother, were the most helpful in getting me through this.

I managed my life in the best way possible. I tried to never give up, stayed active, and ate healthy, which was a very big part of my recovery.

The Power of Prayers:

My role model is Jesus Christ, a God of miracles. That faith in God can truly bring healing and miracles.

Lesson Learnt:

As for my advice or a piece of self-belief, I would say to anyone who will read and accept this: Attack this giant in four ways: have faith in God, pray over your medicine, surround yourself with positive family and friends, and eat healthily, focusing mostly on veggies

Parting Words:

My message to caregivers is to remember they are dealing with very fragile states, and the best medicine is to offer hope and have faith in God.

My life has been changed for the better because now I realize that each day given is truly a gift and not to be taken for granted.

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