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Dr. Mukesh H Trivedi (Multiple Myeloma)

Dr. Mukesh H Trivedi (Multiple Myeloma)


I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of plasma cells. The diagnosis happened in May 2019. My treatment started in December 2019. I noticed recurring back pains back then. I assumed it was happening due to traveling as I travel for hours often. But when all the tests were done, a CT scan report disclosed the real cause behind my recurring back pains. In the CT scan, it showed I was suffering from multiple myeloma cancer. 


I live in Gujarat (Palampur). I have been working since I was 25 years old. I was living quite normally back then but I noticed severe back pains. So I consulted an orthopedic surgeon. After consulting an orthopedic, various tests and scans were done. The surgeon told me that I was suffering from multiple myeloma. I was in utter shock when I received my reports and when I saw them. It was quite an emotional moment for me when I heard about the disease, as there were no serious symptoms in my body that would have caused such a dangerous disease. 

I went back to my hospital where I gave my services, and reported to them about the whole incident. I told them about the bone marrow transplant, bone marrow biopsy, and CT scans. In these reports, it was clear that I was suffering from multiple myeloma. It is the rarest blood cancer and an uncontrollable disease. Despite knowing all this, I decided to channel my energy into building my strength. I tried to energize myself and to support my family. 

I contacted an oncologist, he suggested that I go for radiation and chemotherapy sessions. I had 10 radiation and 4 chemotherapy cycles in Ahmedabad Hospital. After this, I went for a bone marrow transplant. My bone marrow transplant happened in December. The transplant was successful. The picture after the operation was clear. Doctors observed some cells and some premature cells in my body. This indicated my success with a bone marrow transplant. After that, my chemotherapy started again. 

Multiple Myeloma occurs mostly in or after the 60's. I am still going on with chemotherapy sessions. I took almost 10 radiations. After the bone marrow transplant, I was admitted for 18 days to the hospital for observation. During that time, my immunity level was very low. My platelet counts were below 1000, which is seen in very rare cases. Chemotherapy takes a lot out of a person. I believed in my prayers, I became a strong person in the meantime. I suffered a lot and had a lot of pain, and irritation. I was upset mentally also. So I prepared myself for it is what it is situation. I can proudly say I fought this journey and now I am happy and grateful. 

Now I am very happy and well. I am also working in clinics and hospitals like in the olden days. I am doing my duties there. I have regular monthly checkups. My blood reports are good and almost normal. There were times when my platelet counts were below the level of 2000-1000. My ability is stronger than before. I had also been suffering from coronavirus. But I defeated that also. I am finding myself ready every day. 


With cancer came a lot of lifestyle changes in my life. I am fond of different types of food. But due to cancer, I have to change my eating habits. I had breakfast at 8 in the morning and dinner after 6 PM. I used to eat homemade food. I was not allowed to have fast food. I was not allowed to skip my meals or pre-meals. 

After the treatment also, I am following these lifestyle changes only. So, I must stay fit. These lifestyle changes helped me bring back my immunity.


Cancer treatment requires a lot of time, patience, and strength to go on. Despite all this, the treatment has very harmful effects on one's body undergoing it. I observed that especially in chemotherapy, one suffers constant reactions and side effects. I had an ulcer all over my skin due to radiation. Diarrhea, sickness, uneasiness, and continuous hair loss of the whole body are some of the side effects that I faced during the time of my treatment.

These were the problems I faced during my journey and after that for some time until I recovered and was healthy. But after some time, everything started going back to normal. I felt a lot of weakness in my body and ulceration even when I did bare or minimal activities.


My whole family is my support system. They were there in my sickness and health. My family took a lot of care of me once I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. They became my strength and never made me realize that I was suffering from any disease. In the end, they all made me happy. I became stronger everyday with all the love and support given. 


Cancer is a dangerous disease but with belief in ourselves, we can defeat it very easily. One should keep on believing in themselves, their immune system, and the will to fight back. Trusting yourself can make a journey 100 times easier than before. Never give up. One should never stop having faith in nature despite the difficulties that life might be throwing at them. Sometimes, some things are just not in our control. We should accept this fact and try to enjoy our life, the moments in it, and live.

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