Sunday, December 3, 2023

Mr. Devansh is a throat cancer patient. 


I am 20 years old. I am pursuing my second year BA program. My hobbies are acting and reading. My story started in 2013. There were changes in my throat. My parents thought it was tonsil. I went to my family doctor. They looked at it and they saw knots in my throat. We were sent to an emergency room where they asked us for tests. They referred us to AIMS hospital in Delhi. 

It was third stage throat Cancer. I underwent surgery.  I had a timely response and we could take a timely action. We had to face many challenges and overcome many obstacles. 

My Reaction: 

I found it at the end of 2013. I was shocked. I had read it in books. My parents also supported me and they were very caring. I was lost and out of zone. 

My parents faced financial challenges and I faced other emotional challenges. I  was small. After a few months, I got to know about the treatments for throat cancer. I didn’t want them to get tensed about me but they are parents and they were aware about all the things happening around.

My Support: 

I was in 8th grade and I had two to three school friends who I am really close. They were very supportive. I am close to them even now.

Motivation Factor: 

I was very negative. I had negative thoughts. My operation happened on the 13th of December. When I used to see deaths, I used to feel negative. My parents also used to get very emotional.

My Surroundings: 

I was very small. There were patients who were above 25 years. There was a senior doctor who was very emotional. I found family in them. 

In School, I had two-three groups. I had gone to School and I returned back home. I was bullied. 

Why me? 

I had these thoughts. I was fit and I was really into sports. So why me? This doesn’t happen on purpose. 

Positive Outlook: 

In 2016, I passed my 10th Grade. At that time, I joined an NGO. I met this volunteer and I told him what I liked. I told him that I loved acting. I did a workshop in the National College in Delhi for acting. If you have to survive in society, you have to learn a lot of things. I learnt to ignore things. 


From 2016, I have been a member of an Acting Club. I have acted in many shows and I have been an Assistant over 75 shows. 

I had taken radiation therapy too. I was kept in a room for 3-5 days. I had restrictions after the radiation therapy. 

I forgot how to act when I became a Throat Cancer patient. People never made me feel that I was alone. You don’t get the time to think about anything else. I have never cried because of cancer. 

You have to tell yourself that I can do it. 

Diet Plans: 

After my operation, I had to reduce my masala intake. They wanted me to consume chana (protein food). I exercised and I ran. I meditate too. I wake up at 4 am and I give time to exercise. I take time for these things. I listen to happy and energetic music. 

I am following this routine even now. 

Parting Message: 

During puberty, you lose friendships and you go through emotional changes. There might be a lot of pressure from parents and family. There were these people who thought that cancer can  spread if you touch someone. I had a sister in School. She was very supportive. I used to feel weird and awkward. I used to get bullied a lot. It is okay to lose and ignore people. 

Life Lessons: 

Don’t get demotivated. Don’t give up. In life, you should let go of people. Choose your passion and work towards your passion. Follow your passion. Don’t lose your hope and will to live.

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