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Cancer Coaches | Constant Companions In Your Cancer Healing Journey

Cancer Coaches | Constant Companions In Your Cancer Healing Journey

We are a team of cancer coaches dedicated to guiding cancer patients and their caregivers. Our vision at is to improve the quality of life and increase life for cancer patients wherever possible. We want to make cancer treatment accessible to all, irrespective of their social, geographical and economic background.

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Patient Counselor

Cancer is a disease that affects not just the physical body but also the emotional and mental well-being of the patient and their loved ones. That is why it is essential to have a patient counselor by your side throughout the journey of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

A patient counselor is a guide and support system for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. They help patients and survivors navigate their diagnosis, treatment, and cancer's impact on their life and relationships. They empower patients and survivors by providing them with health literacy, health-related self-management skills, and healthy behaviors to support coping skills and well-being.

The rapidly changing lifestyles, stress, food habits, and increased tobacco and alcohol consumption have led to an increase in cancer cases in India. However, a cancer diagnosis no longer means a death sentence. Nevertheless, the journey of a cancer patient can be overwhelming, not just physically but also emotionally. A patient counselor can help alleviate some of these emotional burdens by providing support in areas of physical and emotional challenges, such as exercise, nutrition, mental health, and more.

A patient counselor can also guide you in detail about medical treatment, anti-cancer diet, physical fitness, emotional wellness, healing environment, and community support that can be taken alongside conventional treatment to manage cancer and help your body regain its strength in a holistic manner.

Even family members of the patient can benefit from a patient counselor. The professional can help family members express their feelings, learn how to juggle daily life, and understand what the cancer doctor says or recommends.

We aim to improve overall well-being with proper nutrition, Ayurveda, immune system stimulation, disease-specific alternative therapies, anti-cancer diets, individual and family emotional counseling, and other methods to ensure that effective cancer treatment is delivered to all cancer patients.

The role of a patient counselor is nuanced in a cancer patient's life. The job involves a thorough understanding of the disease, the treatment, the physical and financial pressure, and the mental trauma that comes with it. The individual should be well-acquainted with the cancer landscape, including cancer doctors, hospitals, supporting service professionals, and financial aid.

The diagnosis itself can be heartbreaking and life-changing. People often find it hard to deal with the reality of the situation. Then come the treatment and the side effects associated with it, which can be overwhelming for most patients and their families. Your patient counselor can help you get through it by handling all associated service requirements, second or third opinions, the cost of those opinions, and finding the most cost-effective solution for every problem that arises due to the disease.

In conclusion, a patient counselor plays a crucial role in the life of a cancer patient, providing emotional and practical support throughout the journey of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. They are a valuable resource for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers, helping them navigate the complexities of the disease and improving their overall quality of life.

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