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Bhagirathi (Caregiver Of Intestine Cancer)

Bhagirathi (Caregiver Of Intestine Cancer)
Caregiver of Intestine Cancer Patient Bhagirathi Mohapatra

The caregiver of intestine cancer, Bhagirathi, says that his father was a 60-year-old successful businessman from Bhubhaneswar when he was diagnosed with intestine cancer. He had begun facing issues in digesting his food during early 2019.

By the month of February 2019, he started Vomiting on a regular basis. The bile used to be pitch-black in color. Gradually, he stopped eating altogether.

Story of Intestine Cancer Patient Treatment:

Initially, no one had detected these issues as signs of intestine cancer. He took medicines prescribed by the local doctors. Little he did know that the problem could be something like cancer.

As the Vomiting episodes did not stop, he underwent a PET scan and Biopsy in another hospital, which hinted at cancer metastasis.

He was shifted to AIIMS, and was kept on saline and injections to reduce Vomiting. But his body stopped responding; the Vomiting continued. Then, he began passing blood in his stool. He was even given multivitamin tablets.

My father was then shifted back to a hospital in Bhubhaneswar. By then, the doctors told him that his life expectancy was only around 20 to 30 days. His stroma cancer had metastasized to several parts of the body. Further, he had developed jaundice at that point and was Vomiting continuously.

Alternate Methods for Treatment:

My father did not undergo any conventional or alternate methods for his intestine Cancer Treatment. It was too late when cancer was detected. We went to many hospitals, but every doctor said that it is too late. Everything was over in two months. This brings me to the end of the story of intestine cancer patient.

Maximize Family Support

All of us in the family had become caregiver of intestine cancer. We used to request him to drink plenty of water. He would never drink water sufficiently. After repetitive requests to quit Alcohol and cigarette, he had left them. He had been facing digestion issues for several years.

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