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Aswathi Nair (Prostate Cancer): Try To Take Things Positively

Aswathi Nair (Prostate Cancer): Try To Take Things Positively


Issues don't enter your life according to your convenience; they never consider your limitations. Sometimes these issues leave permanent imprints on our lives. Cancer entered my dad's life in a similar manner. It transformed him in ways he had never imagined, and it created a lot of challenges for all of us too.


In December 2018, something fell on his back, around the hip bone, and my dad began to experience serious pain. We had him checked, and various tests were conducted. The specialist assured me that there was no issue in his back and that he would soon recover.

In his rest, he used to pass urine without his control. This gave us the sign that we should now not sit tight for even a second and take him to an expert. My dad left his job and the oncologist analyzed it as the fourth stage prostate cancer.

My life was broken. My dad is very dear to me and if something happens to the individual you love the most you can't hold up under that stun however I and my family resisted the urge to panic as it was not an opportunity to freeze.

Treatment Protocol:

He was operated on fourth June 2019 and the malignancy was in the hip bone territory. The medical procedure was fruitful and my dad was alright. The specialist demanded that there is no compelling reason to take Chemotherapy since he is encountering no agony and his age likewise doesn't allow him to face such challenges.

Parting Message:

My dad is still under observation but doing very well. He is taking all the necessary medications. Despite the circumstances, my dad has remained positive throughout the treatment. The specialist has advised against massaging him. He can currently walk and enjoys doing some work on his own. I suggest all caregivers to maintain as normal an environment as possible under the circumstances. We have implemented a lot of precautions. My dad is doing great. He has been prescribed a new diet regimen.

The best approach to battle cancer is a slow and careful approach. Do not give up and do not hesitate

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