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Anuscka (Brain Cancer Survivor) Life is a Healing Journey

Anuscka (Brain Cancer Survivor) Life is a Healing Journey

I wish for more success stories to reach people as there are many stories about people dying due to this illness, but not enough about people surviving and THRIVING. I truly believe that it was a rebirth for me. In August of 2017, I was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. I started experiencing headaches at a milder intensity for years prior; however, they started getting more intense with time. Gradually, they began to feel migraine-like. In hindsight, I should have gone to the doctor much sooner for the headaches.

After visiting the doctor, she suggested that I get an MRI to be sure. I checked in for the MRI on the 23rd of August 2017, my REBIRTHDAY. The MRI was meant to provide me a peace of mind, but it lasted longer than scheduled, and they ended up finding a swelling inside my brain. I was then escorted to the emergency room and then to the ICU. They scheduled me for surgery five days after the scan to ensure the swelling was reduced before surgery. The surgery went well, and thankfully, the doctors were able to remove the entire tumor plus margins. The prognosis, which I don't believe in, took six weeks to come about.

However, I was highly present throughout the whole ordeal. I aimed for higher vibrations and frequencies. I remained collected throughout and made sure those around me were calm, too. I kept my faith in the idea that everything is always working out for my highest good. When the prognosis was presented to me, I KNEW it was not my time to go! That day, my passion ignited within me and inspired me to embark on an endeavor as an empowerment health coach and an energy healer. I empower committed souls dealing with health struggles to heal their mind, body, and spirit so that they can live life to the fullest in the face of ANY circumstance, whether it's a life-altering medical condition or preventative.

The day of diagnosis and prognosis I was told I had a Stage-3 brain cancer, with 3-5 years to live. I felt as if my entire future flashed before my eyes during that moment. My husband, then fianc, and I kept the faith and told the doctors that this wouldnt happen with me. My fianc wanted to be sure and got the pathology report once more, only to find out that it had escalated to Stage-4, which was Glioblastoma. It is said to be the most aggressive kind. During this phase, I put all my energy towards healing my MIND BODY and SPIRIT. I went through all types of Brain Cancer treatments, both conventional and non-conventional, including chemotherapy, radiation to Optune, which stops fast-growing cells from replicating. I also did subconscious healing, energy healing and more, shifted my mindset and completely changed the way I ate. I know I had to go through all this tough and painful experiences to heal myself in order to then become a healer for others.


The first and foremost thing I look for in cancer patients is fear, which is present in most cases because cancer equals fear. When it comes to the grassroots level of cancer, much of it stems from subconscious beliefs. These beliefs may originate from one's past life, upbringing, or even the influence of teachers. The issue arises when we don't address these beliefs, as they may manifest physically in the form of cancer, autoimmune diseases, or other ailments. It is crucial to confront this fear and understand that its actual purpose is to trigger our flight-or-fight response, aiding in survival. However, any other form of fear, such as fear of the future, is detrimental to our health, as it suppresses our immune system, making recovery extremely challenging.


Mind, body, and spirit played an integral role in my journey. I began focusing on self-development and mindset shifts before being diagnosed with brain cancer, prioritizing the mind component. I also became a health coach prior to the diagnosis, gaining knowledge about the body aspect. Regarding the spirit part, I started learning about vibrations, energy, and frequencies. I delved deeper into the law of attraction and began working with a coach. The transformative impact it had on my life inspired me to become a coach myself.

The significant symptoms I experienced during chemotherapy were nausea, which was immense and the impact left on my short-term memory. My short-term memory deteriorated to such an extent that I had to write down everything. It still re-surfaces at times.

However, I was not positive throughout and questioned why it was all happening to me. In 2020, I went for my quadrimester MRI scan. During that scan, the doctors thought there was something. During that moment, I started questioning what I missed because I felt I was taking care of myself in every way. We often start thinking that life is happening to us in such moments instead of thinking life is happening. I feel I got innumerable gifts in this whole process. I now take excellent care of myself; Im mindful of what I put in my body- this goes with barely eating meat and going vegan when it comes to dairy.

In every difficult situation, we must stop and ask ourselves what gifts we have been bestowed with. Even I went into victim mode after my Brain Cancer diagnosis, wondering why it all happened to me. But the gift I was presented with during this phase was that of relatability. I now possess it and can relate with my clients when they go through a challenging experience.


One of the biggest things I ask people to check in themselves is holding any grudges, resentment or anger towards anyone. It can stem from ones family, past, subconscious or past life. I remember having a lot of resentment and anger when I was younger and had terrible romantic relationships, which fueled my rage.

The next integral part of looking into is taking care of your mind, body and spirit. It may involve 80 per cent of taking care of yourself and 20 percent treating yourself. It is also vital to surround people who infuse our lives with joy instead of bringing us down.

Another essential aspect is always seeking the gift and knowing that a gift exists in even the most difficult of situations.

My most extensive advice to all those fighting with cancer would be- let go of any anger or resentment youre harboring, get help from a therapist or a coach and finally, do not trust prognosis. No one can play God and tell you how long youd live. Our future envelopes immense possibilities, but it boils down to us if we choose to go for the stories of fear or happiness and joy.

If I had to summarise my entire journey in one line, Life is a healing journey. We all humans are like onions- possessing infinite layers, healing and peeling as life goes by. Our purpose on Earth is to heal and get further close to the highest power. Thus, this is all that our lives encompass.

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