(Anti-Cancer Food) Stay Healthy With Mint And Parsley

Recently, the scientists at the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, concluded that the Mint plant contains a compound known as L-Menthol. The compound has therapeutic values, can be used to aid cancer treatments, can kill Colon Cancer cells and also prevent its growth. Mint is very helpful for people having trouble in bowel movements and for women having breastfeeding Pain.

Parsley is usually a decorative garnish which consists of Apigenin, a compound that has strong anti-cancer properties. Parsley holds properties of several vitamins and contains high levels of a flavonoid which possesses remarkable properties beneficial for cancer patients.

How can Mint aid cancer treatment?

Mint Oil acts as a protective agent against carcinogen-induced lung and Skin Cancer treatments. As per research, a compound called L-Menthol is derived from the Mentha plant, commonly known as mint, that can be used in anti-cancer drugs.

The production of L-Menthol is cost-effective, non-destructive, and easily available in comparison to the anti-cancer compound used presently that is obtained from the bark of the European Yew tree. The inhibition of the Menthol compound divides the cancer cell and prevents it from spreading to other organs of the body.

How does Mint benefit cancer patients?

An extract found in the leaves of Mint can be used to fight cancer. According to a UK News article, Professor Alan McGown and colleagues at the University of Salford hope to test the drug in cancer patients soon. The drug will be tested in the laboratory on human cancer cells from tumors such as breast and lung cancers.

  • It will work by attacking the tumor’s blood vessels, which will starve the cancer cells to death by stopping its supply of oxygen and nutrients. The drug is very selective and will only target tumor blood vessels, leaving healthy blood vessels alone.
  • Mint consumption ensures the release of digestive enzymes that further consume the fat content of the body to produce energy.
  • Due to cancer treatments, patients tend to lose certain memories of their lifestyle. Mint is a highly cognitive plant that promotes long term memory retention.

How can the use of Parsley aid in treating cancer?

Apigenin, a compound that is extracted from parsley, has strong anti-cancer properties. Under most research programs, more than 600 published articles identified how Apigenin can effectively slow down or stop an undesirable cancer growth. It plays a vital role in cancer progression by lowering the rate of dangerous cancer cells. As per the food revolution article, Apigenin’s anticancer abilities are:

  • A 2008 clinical trial case used Apigenin along with Green Tea that resulted in success in reducing the rate of cancer cells in patients with Colon Cancer.
  • A study in 2012 at the University of Missouri also found that Apigenin was able to effectively treat Breast Cancer.
  • A 2013 study in PubMed.gov discovered that Apigenin killed up to 86% of Lung Cancer cells in vitro.

Additionally, the volatile oils found in the extracts of Parsley neutralizes certain types of carcinogens that protects healthy tissues from the toxic effects of anti-cancer drugs. Also, Parsley helps to protect the body against cancer-causing cellular damage.

What are the benefits of Parsley for cancer patients?

Considered as the best alternative cure by best cancer hospitals, Parsley has some benefits:

  • Parsley reasonably has powerful cancer-fighting potential with Apigenin having remarkable anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well. It may also help to modulate the immune system.
  • Also, Parsley is a rich source of Chlorophyll and other vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C, and K. These sources help to enhance bodily fluids among cancer to treat variable energy.
  • For cancer treatments, a slight variant of Parsley is added to the patient’s meal to keep them healthy.

What are the prevention methods adapted by doctors for cancer treatments?

  • Recurrence prevention care: Some measures are taken for cancer survivors to retain their healthy condition. A few of them are eating primary fruits and vegetables, avoiding consumption of red meat , exercising regularly, and keeping a check on weight gain or loss.
  • Palliative care: It is specialized medical care provided by a specially-trained team of doctors to relieve patients from any Stress of the illness and its symptoms. The goal is to improve the quality of life for the patient and provide an extra layer of support.
  • Diet and Metabolic counseling for cancer: This therapeutic method tries to remove harmful toxins from the body and strengthen the body’s resistance to illness. After chemotherapy, patients are advised to go for counseling sessions for the betterment of their overall physical health.
  • Integrative Oncology: This type of integrative Cancer Treatment is allowing the use of complementary therapies along with conventional medicine.
  • Mental and emotional wellness for cancer: A patient’s mental health is necessary, and it encompasses its psychological and social well-being. These aspects of a patient’s well-being can be affected after a cancer diagnosis, during treatment, or in remission.

Cancer patients need support in terms of medical facilities and also to help them during emotional distress. The best cancer hospitals provide both to promote effective Cancer Treatment.


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