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Dr Muralidhar Bora Radiation Oncologist


Best oncologist in Visakhapatnam for Blood Cancer, Breast Cancer, Germ Cell Tumor, Neurological Cancer, Genitourinary Cancer

  • Dr Murlidhar Bora has completed his DNB in Radiation Oncology. He also has a fellowship in High precision Radiotherapy. He has had exposure to the fields of teletherapy, brachytherapy, treatment planning system, and high precision radiotherapy techniques like 3DCRT, IMRT, RapidArc, IGRT (PET-CT Scan Based Radiotherapy), SBRT, SRS and SRT. He is trained in chemotherapy of solid cancers and lymphomas.
  • Dr Bora actively participates in conferences and lectures, like AROICON National Conference, 11th ICRO teaching programme, Cancer CI 2013 & 2015, pain management, YICC-'15 and various CMEs in Oncology.


  • HCG Cancer Centre, Visakhapatnam ,Visakhapatnam
  • Pinnacle Hospital Compound, APIIC Health City, Arilova, Chinnagadili, Andhra Pradesh 530040


  • MBBS, DNB (Radiation Oncology) , Fellowship in High precision radiotherapy


  • Radiation Oncologist at HCG Cancer Centre,Visakhapatnam

Common questions & answers

Who is Dr Muralidhar Bora ?

Dr Muralidhar Bora is a Radiation Oncologist with experience of 10 years. Dr Muralidhar Bora 's educational qualifications include MBBS, DNB (Radiation Oncology), Fellowship in High precision radiotherapy Dr Muralidhar Bora. is a member of . Dr Muralidhar Bora's areas of interest include

Where does Dr Muralidhar Bora practice?

Dr Muralidhar Bora practices at HCG Cancer Centre, Visakhapatnam

Why do patients visit Dr Muralidhar Bora?

Patients frequently visit Dr Muralidhar Bora for

What is Dr Muralidhar Bora's rating?

Dr Muralidhar Bora is a highly rated Radiation Oncologist with positive feedback from most patients treated.

What is Dr Muralidhar Bora's education qualification?

Dr Muralidhar Bora has the following qualifications: MBBS, DNB (Radiation Oncology) , Fellowship in High precision radiotherapy

What does Dr Muralidhar Bora specialize in?

Dr Muralidhar Bora specializes as a Radiation Oncologist with special interest in .

How many years of experience does Dr Muralidhar Bora have?

Dr Muralidhar Bora has an overall experience of 10 years as a Radiation Oncologist.

How can I book an appointment with Dr Muralidhar Bora?

You can book an appointment with Dr Muralidhar Bora by clicking "Book Appointment" on top-right. We shall shortly confirm your booking upon receiving your request.

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