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Dr Mohan Kumar S

Radiation Oncologist

11 Years Exp. Bangalore

Gynecological Cancer

HCG Hospital, MSR Centre Of Oncology, Bangalore

11 years of experience



About Dr Mohan Kumar S:

Dr Mohan Kumar S has completed his post-graduation and MD Radiotherapy from a reputed Medical College in Bangalore. Dr Mohan is actively involved in research in the field of Oncology and has several publications to his credit in various national and international journals. He is a life member of AROI and recipient of PRATIBHA PURASKARA in 2009. His area of interest and expertise are Gynecologic Cancer and Breast Cancer.




HCG MSR Centre Of Oncology,Bangalore


Association of Radiation Oncologists of India (AROI)

Areas of interest:

Gynecological Cancer, Breast Cancer.

Research publications:

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Gynecological Cancer, Breast Cancer.