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ZenOnco.io: Comprehensive Integrative Oncology cancer care

About us

ZenOnco.io is the world’s first integrative oncology healthtech platform. At ZenOnco.io, we aim to extend life and improve the quality of life for cancer patients through integrative oncology treatment, which covers both medical treatment as well as complementary treatment.

To provide the best medical treatment options to cancer patients, we have partnered with 150+ hospitals across India, and cover 1,000+ oncologists. We also provide patients access to a full range of diagnostic tests that are required to arrive at the most effective cancer treatment. Along with conventional medical treatment, we also provide complementary treatment to cancer patients through our team of onco-nutritionists, onco-psychologists and fitness experts. Our complementary treatment approaches are based on research published by esteemed organizations like BCCT, SIO, Memorial Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, etc.

We have recently launched the world’s first Artificial Intelligence-based Integrative Oncology Preliminary Assessment Report tool (ZIOPAR) to guide cancer patients on both medical & complementary treatment based on their cancer type, stage, symptoms and other diseases. This is based on guidelines published by international bodies (NCCN, ESMO, ASCO, SIO, NCBI, BCCT, etc) to enable them to make an informed decision on the treatment path to follow. This is entirely free of cost, and has been launched in times of COVID so that patients can get a first view of their treatment while sitting at home; consultation with onco-experts is still required.

ZenOnco.io: Comprehensive Integrative Oncology cancer care

Search for an experienced oncologist specific to your cancer profile.

Receive comprehensive Integrative Oncology treatment (Medical + Complementary).

Connect with other patients, survivors, caregivers, doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Read more about your cancer type.

Comprehensive Integrative Oncology cancer care to complete your treatment

Experience of counseling 1,000+ patients till now.

Protocols based on research by esteemed organizations like Memorial Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, John Hopkins, Keith Block, etc.

Comprehensive protocol covering all aspects of lifestyle management.

Improve quality of life and extend life, where possible.

Connect with our team of onco-experts to know more.

ZenOnco.io Protocol:
Medical Treatment + Complementary Treatment

Research shows that cancer patients who opted for Integrative Oncology lived longer and were 33% more likely to be alive at 5 years than cancer patients getting standard treatment alone.


We are India’s first integrative oncology cancer care center. We work along with oncologists to complete your cancer treatment by providing personalized nutrition, fitness and psychology programs based on your phase of treatment. We work across all phases of cancer treatment: Preventive, prehab, cure, rehab, recurrence prevention and palliative. We follow the below protocol in all our treatment approaches:

About Co-Founders

Dimple Parmar
Dimple Parmar Co-Founder and CEO, IIM Calcutta, Training in Integrative Oncology by University of Arizona
Kishan Shah
Kishan Shah Co-Founder & CFO, IIM Calcutta, CA, CFA, FRM, CAIA