What is a Multi-Disciplinary Panel (Tumor Board) Review?

Tumor board review is the treatment planning approach in which a number of Oncologists who are experts in different specialties (disciplines) review and discuss the medical condition and treatment options of a patient.

In some cases, a tumor board reviews all cancer cases when treatment planning starts. In others, the tumor board focuses on cases for which a doctor seeks input from the other doctors on a patient's team.

Benefits of Tumor Board Review
  • Experts from three different specialties working together on case - ie, Surgical, Radiation, Medical or Hemato
  • More credible opinion since bias is removed through a combined opinion
  • Tumor board provide numerous benefits in preventing and diagnosing cancers, planning treatment and evaluating decisions.
  • It helps in Improving diagnostic decision-making
  • It helps in finding Advanced treatment options possible for the Cancer cases.

Consult for Tumor Board Review (Rs 6,000)