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Shreya Shikha (Brain Tumour Survivor)

Shreya Shikha (Brain Tumour Survivor)

My Journey

I was diagnosed in March 2020. Its been over a year. I was pursuing my Master's degree. I had a seizure early in the morning while walking down the stairs. They took me to the local hospital and did an MRI scan. They found a tumor in my brain. After that, they referred me to Delhi for a biopsy. I went to the Paras hospital. My tumor was removed. 

We did chemo for 2-3 months and switched to herbal and homeopathy treatments as well. I could not continue with my course at that point of time hence I applied for a gap year. I was 26 when I had cancer.

Familys reactions

They were shocked. I had just won a singles tournament in Badminton  and had also done rock climbing. I was physically active and also was a part of the HR club in my college. I did not know how to respond to it. The first person apart from family I reached out to was Dimple. I reached out to her on Facebook. I used to text her, before my diagnosis. 

She immediately called me up. She was my counselor. She has helped me a lot. I was married, and I had left my job. I was confused. I am grateful that I found Dimple. 


There were some complications after chemotherapy and surgery. My left leg was paralyzed for 8 days after my surgery. 


I had no visible symptoms. I only noticed after my diagnosis that I had been experiencing some minor symptoms including forgetfulness, inability to comprehend, and inability to understand the distance between objects. I believe diagnosing earlier and noticing all the minor symptoms goes a long way to treat and cure cancer. 

Lifestyle Changes

I gave up stress.The stress is not worth it. You need a balance in your life. I tried to train my mind, and replace it with positive thoughts.  


My primary caregiver was  my husband. It has been a very hard journey for us all. Love, caring, and consideration are very important. He was very stable, and he was always there for me. He tried to encourage me with my goals. My husband and family did not want to lose me. The caregivers also need a support group. I have lovely in-laws. They were very supportive as well. 

Act of Kindness

There have been so many. I cant pick one. By the end of First Year, I had my chemo, and my classmates helped me to study and do my assignments. I was very reserved and was not very social during my PGDM. They went over and beyond to help me out. Dimple from helped me a lot throughout the journey. I am grateful that I could meet her.

I had diet plans, and it helped me in the initial stages. I received so much support from I was also added to the support group of brain cancer patients. Leaving Chemo is always a personal choice. 


I still do  MRIs and have Homeopathy and Herbal treatment. I still have minor side effects associated with radiation.

Bucket list

My dream has been to travel and to write. I have my own blog. Sports or any kind of physical activity builds stamina. Classical dancing can also be a form of activity. I am a movie buff! 

 I want to explore a lot about life and history. 


I would just like to say that stress is your enemy. Your mind helps to fuel it. You need to keep a check on it. It is very important to control your mind, and not let your mind control you. You learn from the disease. You shouldnt cry over it. You have to accept your life, and you have to go with the flow. 

I believe in God and faith. My faith helps me stay level-headed and energetic.

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