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Hely Kansara (Ovarian Cancer) Small Steps Every Day

Hely Kansara (Ovarian Cancer) Small Steps Every Day

Every small step counts. You might not reach your goal today but that is okay. Each day brings new healing.


I was 17 when I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Initially, I had some hormonal imbalance and other issues going on. But that was in a pattern which was not very bothersome and that didn't make me think that it could lead to something like this. And even when it used to hurt, I used to think  that they were normal period cramps.

But one day, I felt terribly sick and I was rushed to the hospital. I consulted my family doctors and they all were like, there is something major going on. So, I went through all the scans and tests and then my oncologist finally informed me that I have Ovarian Cancer. 

Ovary Cancer Treatment: Surgery followed with Chemotherapy

It was my brother's birthday, when I had my first surgery. The surgery went for a longer duration. I had to do chemotherapy and several other post cancer treatments as well.

When the surgery was done, a tumor which weighed around 1.5 kgs was removed. After that, I was on observation for several days. This long period of time was more mentally challenging than physically. Each chemotherapy lasted for about a week's time until I had another chemo cycle. I had a total of six chemo cycles.

Overcoming Problems

Along with all the life battle challenges going on, I had to complete my college years as well, so I did not take a break. I continued my education along with the treatment.To keep up my mind, I used to read and watch a lot of different things. I was aware of all the celebrities and any other known person who had suffered cancer. Moreover, myself being a Mental Health Practitioner and Psychologist has really helped me through this journey. At one stage, I was changing a lot physically, mentally and emotionally and the journey was becoming quite challenging for me.

Side-Effects and Other Challenges

I used to have really great hair but after chemotherapy each single strand turned pink and there was baldness. I had a hard time washing it. My hair did not grow for about one and a half years.

I also had rapid weight loss and weight gain. I used to gain and lose around 20 kgs.

Everyone suggested me to have protein powder, but I went the natural way. But changing the diet and making it more protein rich did help me.

I didn't try any alternative treatment. Doctor did not suggest it and even my parents didn't think it was worth risking trying some alternative methods that could mess around with the treatment that we're having. So, we stuck to allopathy and didn’t try anything else.

Changes Post Cure and Life after Cancer

It's been five years now and a lot of things have changed dietary wise, physically and even mentally. I changed my diet from Non- vegetarian to vegetarian. I have continued yoga and been practicing it for five years now. So, after going through this journey, I got to know a lot about myself.  

Suggestions for other cancer patients

When people  go through chemo and other therapies, they shut themselves down. You become anxious about the things that are going around and you will be occupied thinking about how things will get back to normal.

But what we need is to understand that it would eventually become normal. Keeping a positive attitude will help you in your cancer journey. You need to do things that make you feel better and something to look forward to. Do not shut down yourself from people who are trying to push you. You can get a greater perspective of life by having conversations with potential patients. You need to let your feet out. Another important thing is to keep yourself hydrated. If you are not eating well and are not hydrated, it can cause imbalance in the hormones of your body. Another very important thing is to try meditation. Just close your eyes and let everything go out for 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

Parting Message

For Patients - You don't have to be strong. Just deal with one emotion, one feeling at a time. Whatever you have going on in your life, take one step at a time.
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