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Healing Circle Talks with Yogesh Mathuria, Anahat Meditation

Healing Circles at are sacred and open-minded spaces for cancer patients to share their emotions and experiences. Our Healing Circles are to bring a sense of calm and comfort amongst participants. And it also makes them feel much more accepted. The primary objective of these Healing Circles is to help care providers, survivors, and cancer patients become mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially stronger after, before, or while undergoing cancer treatment. Moreover, our sacred space aims to bring about hopeful, thoughtful, and convenient processes of helping participants mitigate several healing obstacles. Our professional experts are dedicated to offering undivided guidance to cancer patients for safe and fast healing of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

An overview of the webinar

The recent webinar conducted on 26th April entirely revolved around how meditation and mindfulness can play an indispensable role in healing an individual associated with cancer treatment. In light of the recent devastating events of coronavirus, this webinar aimed to help patients, nurses, caregivers, and everyone involved in this journey to reach optimal mindfulness through meditation. The core topic of this webinar was based on cancer and how people can generally make use of meditation to heal through such an anxious experience.

With the current pandemic happening, anxiety and feeling of restlessness can leave most of us feeling frustrated and agitated. And so, the webinar was on how different healing techniques can help participants stay grateful, content, and happy with whatever they have. With the participation of thirty people, the webinar helped to bring patients and survivors together. It also offered them a sacred and safe space for sharing their feelings and thoughts. There was no imposing of any opinions on others. Instead the choices of every individual were respected because we know how the journey can affect someone in multiple ways, which are indescribable.

A brief on Mr. Yogesh Mathuria

Mr. Yogesh Mathuria, speaker of this webinar has extensive expertise in the field of meditation. Mr. Yogesh Mathuria was initially drawn to the field of healing when he traveled across the world to find a cure for cancer his wife was diagnosed with. Today, he is one of the most reputed healing professionals globally and has an experience of over 7 years. He played an imperative role in designing the ANAHAT healing process. This healing process revolves around helping participants not only feel better about themselves but to also reach a state of tranquility.

Mr. Yogesh Mathuria offered his comprehensive knowledge and guidance to help every individual in the webinar understand how they can use meditation to achieve emotional wellness. In an excruciatingly devastating time, this webinar played an imperative role in bringing people together who could relate to each other on an emotional level. Mr. Yogesh Mathuria also helped everybody communicate efficiently by asking each individual to express themselves. We are extremely grateful to everyone who participated in the webinar, especially to Mr. Yogesh Mathuria, who shared his experience and thoughts.

Healing with us

In Sanskrit, the word ANAHAT means heart. Love is one of the most powerful healing energies in the world. ANAHAT is directly connected to the Thymus gland. It is situated in the center of the chest.

The primary healing steps that Mr. Yogesh Mathuria recommends are:

  • Practice a morning routine and take necessary measures to start afresh and clean.
  • Practice gratitude while drinking water in a seating position, thereby praying deliberately for water and it’s vitality.
  • Sit in a silenced and quiet space for about a minimum of 60 minutes.
  • Practice healing by putting refreshing and vibrant flowers in the room. You can also light a lamp.
  • Sit in a position where your legs are directly aligned with the chair you are sitting on.

Furthermore, Mr. Yogesh Mathuria recommends practicing healing steps. These included Stay silent for a minute whilst smiling, deep gratitude breathing for about 3 to 5 minutes, laugh loudly for about 2 minutes, and end it by chanting any form of phrases you like about 5 times.


The webinar helped several individuals open up about their experiences and feelings regarding cancer and feel less miserable. Most participants played an effective role in the webinar by talking about the emotional and physical symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, insomnia, and much more that they’ve had to deal with throughout their cancer reatment or while staying beside a loved one during such dire times. Several cancer patients and survivors found a safe community for engagement, thereby feeling much more relatable and acknowledged. Overall, the webinar unquestionably helped different individuals find the right way of healing through meditation.

The vitality of meditation for cancer survivors and fighters

Meditation is a proven technique that has helped several patients heal emotionally, who are suffering from mental and physical trauma caused by cancer. During the webinar, Mr. Yogesh Mathuria explained different methods of achieving mindfulness through therapy and conversation. In the entire course of the webinar, every individual learned the mechanism of deep breathing so that they can subsequently be more aware of their body and the emotions flowing through them. Cancer treatment can adversely affect patients in numerous ways, starting from depression, consistent nausea, insomnia, loss of appetite, anxiety, and much more. This seminar aimed to mitigate such side-effects that many cancer patients are fighting on their journey.

Furthermore, it also sheds light on the critical situation of COVID-19. Several nurses have reportedly admitted to becoming emotionally and mentally affected by the recent losses of countless patients affected by COVID-19. The webinar helped such caregivers, nurses, and other involved individuals understand the depth of meditation. It also helped them in healing different traumatic effects of cancer and coronavirus. is grateful to both Mr. Yogesh Mathuria and the participants for their thorough cooperation and engagement. We are also immensely thankful that Mr. Yogesh Mathuria hosted this webinar, and to the participants to share their message across to fellow survivors and patients.

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