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anti cancer diet

In The Beginning

Anti Cancer Diet

An anti-cancer diet is an important strategy you can use to reduce your risk of cancer.

It is important that you eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily and eat the right amount of food to stay at a healthy weight.

In addition, researchers are finding that certain foods that prevent cancer may be an important part of an anti-cancer diet.

mediacl cannabis

Recreational Medicine

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis or medical marijuana is a plant either in a raw or dried form or an extract or preparation made from Cannabis Sativa, or Cannabis Indica for medical use prescribed by physicians for their patients. Cannabinoids are found naturally in Cannabis.

Cannabis is made of three major compounds that include THC, CBD, and CBN. The Cannabis plant has been used for centuries around the world.

Medical Cannabis helps in relieving pain, reduces nausea, and Vomiting sensation for chemo-induced patients. Medical Cannabis also decreases the number of seizures in rare forms of epilepsy. Studies in laboratories done on animal models suggest that cannabinoids can kill cancer cells. The study indicates that patients who consume medicated Cannabis experience lesser Nausea compared to those on antiemetics or placebo. They might face some side effects such as feeling high and a certain amount of dizziness.

Working against the growth of cancer or preventing its spread improves the chances of survival with the help of treatments and therapies to improve anticancer action.

medical cannabis

About Ayurveda


Ayurveda is a continuum of medicines rooted in India. The key ingredients are oral formulas, nutritional and behavioral changes, and Yoga and meditation.

Herbs like Curcumin are useful but should be used under control. Yoga and Ayurveda assist in alleviating the side effects of cancer and its therapies.

Ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit words Ayur (life) and Veda (knowledge) and dates back over 3,000 years. Treatment is uniquely formulated and consists of oral formulas including plant, mineral, seasoning, and food components; purgatives; improvements in diet and lifestyle; and enhancement in mental health through Yoga or meditation. Centered on these principles, Ayurvedic doctors prescribe individualized treatments consisting of medicinal substances or patented ingredients, and lifestyle guidelines for food, exercise, and other aspects.