What people say about us

What people say about us


Dr Michael Lerner

Harvard, Yale, Author, MacArthur Prize WInner

Dimple Parmar is a highly gifted colleague in our Healing Circles Global work and in our Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies international website. [healingcirclesglobal.org and bcct.ngo] Dimple bring enormous creativity and dedication to her work in India and beyond helping people from all backgrounds facing a cancer diagnosis. We hold Dimple in high regard.

Professor of IIM Calcutta

Prof. V. K. Unni

IIM Calcutta

I know Dimple through her college days at IIM Calcutta. The way her life journey has transformed her is truly beautiful. She is a great inspiration to all. Love Heals Cancer (LHC) founded by Dimple provides a much needed research-based platform for the families and doctors to navigate them through this journey. LHC is at the top of my referral list for web-based information on integrative cancer care.



Cancer Survivor

I met Dimple last year and was amazed to know her journey full of fortitude. I was undergoing chemotherapy myself and she helped me understand nutrition in details and deal with the after effects of chemo more effectively. She also guided me to a naturopathy retreat to detox later in the year. I think she is superwoman and extremely talented.




Respected Dimple ji. You were introduced by dear Jitendra to me. He is a dear friend and well wisher of mine. You are doing a great work for cancer patients, survivors and their families. I do appreciate that I believe that the past is gone and no one in this world can change that. Future is unknown and no one can predict that. So why worry about these. We do have present and we should enjoy what present is – I believe I’m doing it pretty good.




So when I came to know about my father’s cancer I was upset but I was positive about that something can be done about it and then later when we found out that it is at advanced stage I was broke. I did not know what to do about it because as per the current treatment it was not curable at that stage.


Prior to that I was following you during Nitesh’s treatment so being a college friend I thought to call you and let you know about the situation. You introduced me about different methods through which people got healed even after reaching at advanced stage. About the spiritual and natural ways of getting healed and I really believe that this can heal any type of cancer. The diet plan shared by you is also really helpful and my father still follows the same diet plan and he feels good. No matter where would this journey take us to but I really believe that in today’s world when technology cannot cure cancer spiritual and natural treatment is the best hope for us. I also I will always look forward to take any suggestions or help from you whenever needed. And I pray to God to keep you stronger and motivated always for the work that you are doing. Thanks for everything. Keep shining 😊


rahul katoria

Rahul Katoria


I am Rahul katoriya writing on behalf of my father.

Last year we encounter with the cancer word and all things stopped suddenly. My family scattered and directionless at that point.


Then we met Dimple parmar ma’am who provide the strength and direction for this deadly disease but we were late.

I want to thank Dimple mam who always helped us.

Thank u mam.

Ur work always inspire me.

My father reported with Adenocarcinoma colon cancer.

He wanted to meet u once but he did not.

One day will come when no one suffer from this disease because love will heal cancer. 





9th April 2019 we came to know our Mother in Law is Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. As with all of us it was a Shock Phase for all of us. We were running Pillar to Post to find the best possible answer but we came to know the reality.


I was surfing on net when i came to know about Inspirational Journey of Dimple. The Courage and Exemplary Shown ignited thought in My Wife and My Mind We need to learn from her Story.

I did discussed about my Mother in Law Reports and other details. Within a day She provided Deep insights and what to be done and what can be avoided.

It helped us immensely. At times with Medical as Commercial Industry it is difficult to understand who is Real but having Got Opinion and Suggestion from Dimple helped us to fight in this Journey.

The “Love Heals Cancer” is an apt Name.

Rather than Medicines People should go through Suggestions provided by Dimple and her Organization. They make your Journey Smooth.

I definitely would like to highlight Such Inspirational story to our Prime Minister for Recognition at National Level.