Dr. Ramana Reddy Naru

Dr. Ramana Reddy Naru

HCG MNR Curie Cancer Centre, Ongole
10 years
M.Ch. in Surgical Oncology
From INR 1200/ consultation


Dr Ramana Reddy Naru currently serves as Surgical Oncologist at HCG MNR Curie Cancer Centre in Ongole. He completed his M.Ch in Surgical Oncology at a reputed institute in Andhra Pradesh. Before joining HCG, he was an Assistant Professor at a popular medical college in Tirupati.

Dr Ramana Reddy has vast experience in performing oncological resections like Radical Gastrectomy, Esophagectomy, Whipple procedures, Pelvic exenteration surgeries, composite resections and laryngectomy.
While he holds expertise in laparoscopic pelvic oncological surgeries including Wertheims, hysterectomy, abdominoperineal resections, with a special interest in gynaecological and gastrointestinal malignancies.


  • PSA blood test.
  • Prostate exam.
  • Cyst .
  • Womb .
  • Epithelial .
  • Peritoneum .
  • Common cancer in women .
  • Ovarian cyst.
  • Colon cancer .
  • Rectal cancer .
  • Bowel cancer .
  • Colonoscopy .
  • Colonography .
  • Polyp.

Experience Details

  • HCG MNR Curie Cancer Centre,Ongole


M.Ch. in Surgical Oncology

Education Details

  • M.Ch. in Surgical Oncology


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