Dr. Purvi Patel

Dr. Purvi Patel

HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad
9 years
From INR 1200/ consultation


Dr Purvi Patel completed her MBBS at a reputed university in Bhavnagar & MS at a famous University in Baroda. She earned her fellowship in head & neck surgery, from various institutes in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York.


  • Throat cancer.
  • Salivary gland tumors.
  • Thyroid cancer.
  • Head and neck cancer symptoms.
  • Symptoms of Head and neck cancer.
  • Head and neck cancer treatment.
  • Head and neck cancer treatments.
  • Treatment for Head and neck cancer.
  • Head and neck cancer types.
  • Types of Head and neck cancer.
  • Head and neck cancer cause.
  • Causes of Head and neck cancer.
  • Head and neck cancer staging.
  • Stages of Head and neck cancer.
  • Metastatic.
  • Prognosis.
  • Lymph nodes.
  • Nodule.
  • Head and neck cancer biopsy.
  • Head and neck cancer lump.
  • Head and neck cancer screening.
  • Head and neck cancer medication.
  • Head and neck cancer diagnosis.
  • Head and neck tumor.
  • Head and neck carcinoma.
  • Malignant Head and neck tumor.
  • Benign Head and neck tumor

Experience Details

  • Consultant ,Surgical Oncology - Aastha Oncology Associates .
  • HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad



Education Details

  • M.B.B.S.


  • European Cancer Organisation (ECCO).
  • European Society for Medical Oncology(ESMO).
  • American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).
  • European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer(EORTC)

Research / Publication

  • She has contributed in many scientific articles published in national & international journals. As part of her personal commitment to society, she has written many chapters in cancer awareness book “Tame Ekla Nathi”.