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Are religious and Spiritual Approaches beneficial in healing cancer patients?

Many spiritual experts suggest that Spiritual Approaches are important when it comes to healing from cancer. In brief, spiritual healing is the chief process of helping somebody become healthy without having to use physical methods or medicines. In rare situations, it is also used in the form of religious ceremonies. Experts suggest that spirituality is far different from elements like religiosity. Nonetheless, both of them have a few vague elements in common. Although the definition of religiosity is unclear, one can understand it as an individual method of engaging with a specific organized group.

Most often, Spiritual Approaches are combined with a much more comprehensive approach, known as distant intention therapy. In a nutshell, it is a devotedly calming and compassionate mental act aimed to heal the mental, social, and physical health of a distant person. A few of these therapies revolve around shamanic healing, laying on of hands, nonlocal healing, spiritual healing and prayer.

Furthermore, a few other lesser used healing methods involve Reiki, therapeutic touch, qigong, and much more.

Spiritual approaches in the medicine industry

Several types of research are being conducted to understand the true vitality of spirituality for medicinal purposes. A few of these suggest that a prominent amount of patients are spiritually devoted and make use of different approaches for dealing with the diseases they suffer from. According to a survey conducted in 2002, about three of the most popular and traditional healing approaches revolve around prayer. Different organizations offer different care, based on an individual's preferred approaches.

Unknown and conventional approaches

A study conducted among 13 patients suffering from Breast Cancer and undergoing cancer treatment, were offered about 10 weekly sessions of individual spiritual healing. All these patients underwent hormone treatment, along with participating in this study. Here are 5 reports that were noted in the survey.

  • Emotional calming
  • Improved well-being
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Mitigation and relation of several side effects caused by the cancer treatment
  • Re-communication with precancer activities

Another survey conducted in 2012 suggests that several religious Americans who attend church regularly, or are self-reported have a substantially better well-being than moderately religious Americans. Furthermore, evidence from 2001 suggests that a deep relationship between health and religious practice is required to understand a positive connection between less physical condition and religiousness and total lower mortality. Nonetheless, doctors haven't been able to detect the prime effectiveness of religious approaches for promoting health.

  • For instance, a community of 9000 seventh-day Adventists located in Loma Linda, California, is said to live about a decade longer compared to an average American. Many experts suggest that this extension of their survival rate is due to their methods of religious approaches.
  • Another study suggests that Mormon women and men that never smoked were married, attended church every week, and had about 12 years of education, were found to have comparatively lower death rates.

Intercessory prayer

An intercessor is a person that pleads for someone or takes their pleads. Continually, the holy method of intercessory prayer is being used in medicine for treating several cancer patients along with their original hormone treatments. In an intercessor prayer, the prayer is done to God through the intercessor for people who require God's intervention.

According to a study from 2005, intercessor prayer played an indispensable role in the medical industry. The evaluated results are as follows.

  • Six-month mortality
  • Six-month death and readmission
  • Six-month advancer adverse cardiovascular conditions
  • Combined six-month readmission and death and in-hospital advanced cardiovascular conditions

The evaluation then concluded that MIT therapy and masked prayer did not help in enhancing the clinical result. Another study conducted in 2006 grouped cardiac bypass patients individually into three groups. Patients receiving prayers were told that they might or might not receive the prayer, patients not receiving the prayer were told that they might or might not receive the prayer, and a few patients receiving prayer were told they would, without doubt, receive the prayer. The outcome of this survey then evaluated that only limited results showed a positive effect.

Shamanic Healing

For decades, shamans or medicine humans have offered their distinctive help in teaching the art of understanding and guiding patients suffering from deadly diseases. An expert suggests that the fundamental role of a shaman is to restore the patient's whiteness and balance by understanding the baseline cause of the health condition. Most of these spiritual methods come handy in the elimination of unwanted energies, soul retrieval, soul remembering, retrieval of a spiritual ally, psychopomp, hands in healing, and ancestral work.


Meditation is undeniably one of the most practiced healing methodologies that helps in deliberate concentration, enhanced breathing, and promoting awareness of feelings and thoughts to successfully obtain a stage of nirvana, a feeling of calmness, psychological balance, physical relaxation, and enhanced coping and vitality. Meditation is used in the medical industry as a spiritual approach. Several studies suggest that meditation helped in improving the quality of life of different patients.

Psychedelic therapies

Psychedelic therapies, on the other hand, are utilized for producing a peculiarly strange state of consciousness for spiritual and religious purposes. These therapies are moreover used for different psychological therapies effects. Their chief components include- synthesis of substances like MDMA, non-drug metrology for inducing non-ordinary consciousness, and ethnobotanical substances that are produced by psilocybin and other organisms.


Spiritual and religious healing approaches are best suited as adjuvants to complementary and conventional therapies. The relationship between cancer and Spiritual Approaches is quite complicated, but it all leads down to the practice of mindfulness and finding the peace within oneself through various methods mentioned above. Nonetheless, one cannot solely depend on these therapies as hormone therapies are the fundamental treatments for dealing with cancer. It is best advised to understand everything about spiritual and religious therapies before making an impulsive decision.