Rehabilitation Care

Rehabilitation Care

Just as prehabilitation care is an important part of the start of your journey, we at believe that rehabilitation care should become should become a standard part of survivorship care.

Rehabilitation care is the process of recovery after your cancer therapy or surgery. It helps people with cancer maintain and restore physical and emotional well-being. It is available during and after your treatment.[ 1 ]

Rehab care involves many types of specialists working together to develop a personal plan that will be custom tailored to your needs based on:

  • Activity level
  • Type of conventional treatment
  • Age
  • Risk factors
  •  Preferences
  • Strengths
  • Goals

This is not a complete list of all the things we consider when we customize your plan. However, participating in cancer rehabilitation program will definitely help you experience a fuller or quicker recovery.

Why choose rehab care?[ 2 ]

Cancer and the treatment or surgery of it can be extremely difficult on you and your body. It can cause you pain, fatigue, muscle weakness, and other side effects & symptoms from the treatment. These can all interfere with your daily activities, in a physical, emotional, and practical way. Rehab helps you improve your strength and stamina so you can go back for that second round of chemotherapy, surgery, or radiotherapy.

Our comprehensive rehab program will include instruction, guidance, and support in several of the healing practices. Our team members will work with you to develop a plan for your specific area of expertise. For example, our fitness experts will work with you to help you recover physical strength and mobility. A dietitian will help you go back to your original weight by either helping you lose or gain it.

Cancer rehabilitation is not limited to those whose cancers are in remission. Evidence suggests that interprofessional palliative care rehabilitation programs are helpful to those with active cancer. [ 3 ]

How long will I need these services?

An ongoing physical rehabilitation plan may enhance the quality of life at any time, some of the side effects you experience may be only temporary. So we suggest that you participate in the rehabilitation program during or right after cancer treatment.

For a more long term program please see our recurrence prevention program.

The main goal is to reduce the occurrence or severity of future risks or disabilities from your cancer treatment. At we provide an integrative oncology program that first will help you, the patient, became as healthy as possible before conventional cancer treatment begins.

Lifestyle changes, diet, nutritional supplements, psychological support, counseling, vitamins, and exercise may begin before cancer treatment and will continue through your treatment. Start with rehab care and be prepared to face your cancer head on with

We deem to train our healthcare experts following US standard of care for integrative oncology.

Talk to your oncologist and tell them that you would like to consider rehabilitation care with We will make sure we work with them for you and your future in this journey.

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