Recurrence Prevention Care

Recurrence Prevention Care

Recurrence prevention care is done when you have been deemed as “free of cancer” or in remission. However, it is important to be aware that sometimes cancer can come back (recur). It can sometimes come back after initial treatment and even after years of remission (no sign of cancer).

Majority of the times this happens within the first two years following the end of your treatment, and everyday the chance of recurrence goes down, but it doesn’t mean that it can not come back strong.

Recurrence can be prevented by simple lifestyle choices, diet, and fitness regiments. We at focus on not just helping you stay in remission, but also making sure that your cancer doesn’t come back.

Why choose cancer recurrence prevention?

We offer a unique prevention plan that will help your maximize your body’s ability to slow and counter the chances of it coming back over a long time. Our approach is to use science based methods that will make your body stronger, healthier, more biochemically and metabolically tuned and balanced and so it will be less hospitable to cancer.

After your doctor deems you in remission, we will over you a personally structured prevention program, designed to maintain your progress and cotinine resistance.

What to expect with recurrence prevention care?

Our program is individualized, personalized, and made based on your concerns and needs. We will help you create a plan after our comprehensive assessment about your cancer, your post cancer cancer, and your health at the current time. We will also speak to you about your goals and guide you to understand what your next steps are.

Once you have defeated your cancer, many have questions and concerns about the next step in their lives. Our psychology counselor will help you guide based on your unique biochemical, metabolic, and molecular profile.

We will then combine this information using your follow-up status after completing active treatment with your own personalized diet plan, fitness and movement routine, and wellness counseling.

Our goal is to keep you away from getting cancer again and reduces the chances of it developing in the same or in other places.

Why does cancer come back?

There are many reasons that could affect your odds of recurrence of cancer depending on the type of cancer you have.

You must remember that cancer is a result of an error or genetic mistake that occurs and lets the cells multiply rapidly. It is a mutation, treatment resistance, and heterogeneity. This is why it is important to reduce and eliminate the factors that drive this process of a mutation, increase resistance, and allow of heterogeneity.

Sometimes your cancer cells may survive chemotherapy or they may spread before they are removed in surgery, which is why it could come back. So if you don’t change the biochemical environment that led to the development of cancer, recurrence is more likely.

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