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Our vision is to make quality Integrative Oncology cancer care accessible to all. In line with this, we provide free consultations to all patients through our dedicated Patient Care Managers medically trained in cancer.

There are more than 100 types of cancer, and each cancer requires a different treatment approach. To help you defeat cancer, we connect you with the right doctor, get the right diagnostic tests, combine complementary treatment with medical treatment (e.g., onco-nutrition, physiotherapy & emotional wellness), and connect you with cancer warriors who can share their experience on how they defeated their cancer.

Our consultations have always been free of cost. Charges for oncologist consultation, treatment and diagnostic tests depend on the doctor, hospital & lab. We do not charge anything from the patient, but charge a facilitation fee from the doctor, hospital and lab to keep our operations running.

To support our activities, you can make a voluntary donation to our sister NGO Love Heals Cancer - this is tax-exempt for Indian residents under Section 80G of the Income-tax Act, 1961: Donate here

Guidance based on medical reports

Our dedicated Patient Care Managers that are medically trained in cancer read your medical reports to guide you in your treatment journey.


Second opinion

Connect with the right oncologist based on your specific medical case. Connect over video, telephone or physically meet

Depends on oncologist

Multidisciplinary tumor board review

Get a combined opinion from three oncologists from different specializations together - surgical, medical & radiation

Rs 5,000*

Medical treatment (Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation):

Get your cancer treatment done at a hospital of your convenience with the right oncologist

Depends on hospital and oncologist

Diagnostic tests

Get discounted pathology tests at the convenience of your home, and imaging tests at nearest center.

Up to 10% discount on lab prices

Onco Nutrition

Get the right anti-cancer nutrition to strengthen your body's immunity to fight cancer better

Rs 3,500*

*18% GST additional

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