Prehabilitation Care

Prehabilitation Care

Prehabilitation care involves strengthening your body, mind and spirit before treatment begins.

After your diagnosis and before the treatment beings, we prepare your body and mind so that you are in the best possible shape to meet the challenges of your treatment.

Here are two examples that show the benefits of it:

  • A man prepares for his radical prostatectomy (an operation to remove the prostate gland and tissues surrounding it) by doing pelvic floor exercises to strengthen these muscles and reduce the risk of incontinence after surgery. You can also learn stress management to improve your mood before and after the surgery.
  • A society of Integrative Oncology suggests guided pulmonary (lung) based exercises in patients awaiting pulmonary resection (partial removal of lungs) with the goal of improving lung function and cardiorespiratory fitness and lung capacity. [ 1 ]

Why choose prehabilitation care?

Starting from prehabilitation care, we believe that at integrative oncology should be the standard for all cancer related treatments. It should be a standard part of survivorship. Imagine a program that is tailored to the special needs of cancer survivors, using evidence-based educational programs and supportive therapies to restore heath, and possibly improve a person’s health above their pre-cancer treatment.[ 2 ]

We will generally begin with a baseline of patients’ physical and psychological health by:

  • Assess their functional level
  • Identifying any impairments
  • Making sure your oncologist is aware of your treatment
  • Providing information and healthcare experts who will work and guide you to be ready for your treatment.

The main goal is to reduce the occurrence or severity of future risks or disabilities from your cancer treatment. An analysis in 2019 talked about the preoperative exercise and nutritional program which found improved five-year disease free survival in stage III of the colorectal cancer.

At we provide an integrative oncology program that first will help you, the paitnet, became as healthy as possible before conventional cancer treatment begins. Lifestyle changes, diet, nutritional supplements, psychological support, counseling, vitamins, and exercise may begin before cancer treatment and will continue through your treatment. Start with prehab care and be prepared to face your cancer head on with

We deem to train our healthcare experts following US standard of care for integrative oncology.

Talk to your oncologist and tell them that you would like to consider prehabilitation care with We will make sure we work with them for you and your future in this journey.

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