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Just like you, your cancer is also unique. We understand that it’s a specific type of cancer and stage, however, it’s still a faulty expression of your individual biology. It will also affect you in ways that your equally unique to you.

That is why, at ZenOnco.io, we do everything to tailor to your unique needs; blood chemistry, disease profile, diet, psychology, fitness, exercise, and other factors. At the same time, we know from experience that beating the odds doesn’t mean just individualization but a truly comprehensive treatment strategy — one that follows the science and fights cancer with everything that is possible.

  • Prehabilitation Care (Care Before Treatment)

    Prehabilitation Care (Care Before Treatment) (1)

    If you have been diagnosed with cancer, and you have been advised to go for conventional treatment (radiotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy), this program is for you. We will work with you before your cancer treatment to help you, your mind, and your body be better prepared to undergo those conventional treatments.
  • Integrative Care (Care During Treatment)

    Integrative Care (Care During Treatment) (1)

    If you are currently receiving treatment for your cancer, this program is for you. During the course of your treatment, we will help guide you and constantly help you go through the conventional treatment process. We will work with your healthcare providers to provide you a more holistic approach so you can react better to your treatment and heal quicker.
  • Rehabilitation Care (Care After Treatment)

    Rehabilitation Care (Care After Treatment) (1)

    If you have just finished conventional treatment (radiotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy) or in between treatments, this program is for you. After your conventional treatment, we will use our complementary therapies to help you regain physical and mental strength to be ready for the next step in your cancer care.
  • Recurrence Prevention Care (Relapse Prevention Care)

    Recurrence Prevention Care (Relapse Prevention Care) (1)

    If you have finished all your conventional cancer care treatment completely, this program is for you. We know that when it comes cancer you are never fully “free of cancer”, rather you are in remission (temporary diminution of the cancer). Which is why this program will help you lower your risk factors and help you stay in remission after your cancer treatment.
  • Palliative Care (Comfort Care)

    Palliative Care (Comfort Care) (1)

    We offer palliative care services to cancer patients to improve their quality of life. Our focus is on healing and relieving you of the pain, symptoms of cancer and side-effects of treatment taken. While some patients and doctors think palliative care comes at end of life, we believe that palliative care is needed throughout the journey to improve your quality of life.
  • Preventive care (Say No To Cancer) (2)

    This program will help you be prepared and aim to lower your risks of getting diagnosed with cancer. We will work with you to analyze your risk factors and help you develop better eating habits and fitness habits.
  • Diet and Metabolic counseling (2)

    We offer personalized diet plans that are designed for your needs, your cancer, or for your prevention of it.
  • Exercise and Movement Training

    Exercise and Movement Training (1)

    We offer personalized fitness counseling that are designed for your needs, your cancer, or for your prevention of it.
  • Mental and Emotional Wellness

    Mental and Emotional Wellness (1)

    We offer psychological counseling that are designed for your needs, your cancer, or for your prevention of it.
  • Patient Counseling

    Patient Counseling (1)

    Our patient counselor will help guide those with cancer and their loved ones, holistic psychological and guided support throughout the entire cancer experience from diagnosis, through treatment, and into survivor ship.